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ARTIST: Daughtry
ALBUM: Daughtry
SERIAL: 82876 88860 2
YEAR: 2006


LINEUP: Chris Daughtry - lead vocals * Phil X - guitar * Paul Bushnell - bass * Josh Freese - drums * Howard Benson - keyboards * Slash - guitar on 'What I Want'

TRACK LISTING: 01 It's Not Over * 02 Used To * 03 Home * 04 Over You * 05 Crashed * 06 Feels Like Tonight * 07 What I Want * 08 Breakdown * 09 Gone * 10 There And Back Again * 11 All These Lives * 12 What About Now * 13 Sorry (bonus) * 14 Wanted Dead Or Alive (bonus) * 15 Feels Like the First Time (bonus)

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American Idol premiered on U.S. television in 2002, giving wannabe singers a chance to impress talent judges and the American viewing public.

Season 5 featured 26-year-old Chris Daughtry from North Carolina. He did very well on the show, finishing 4th and impressing the folks at RCA. He was offered the opportunity to become the lead singer for the alternative band Fuel, but he turned that down to form his own band.

He was rushed into the studio to take advantage of the fact that he was a hot commodity due to his success on AI. The decision to name the band after him was made to capitalize on his name recognition.

The album was actually recorded before the band was fully in place, and Chris Daughtry is the only official member of the band to have recorded on the album.

The album was released in November 2006, and sales took off like a rocket. Even though he did not win the contest, he easily won where it counts - on the charts.

The Songs

Of the twelve songs here, Chris Daughtry had a hand in writing ten of them. The label's trust in him was rewarded with a slew of hits that put the band in heavy rotation on U.S. radio for over two years.

The sound is basically modern hard rock, also known as 'post grunge'. I consider it to be a style that does not work without a great singer, but fortunately Chris Daughtry can bring the vocal goods.

'It's Not Over' gets the album off to a great start. Chris Daughtry really has a superb voice. He could sing just about anything and make it sound great. (If you've heard him singing Foreigner's 'Feels Like The First Time' or Bon Jovi's 'Wanted Dead Or Alive', you know what I mean). This was the first single and a Top 5 hit.

'Used To' is a nice mid-tempo tune that continues to set the pace for the album.

'Home' was the second single and another major hit, also hitting the Top 5. It even got airplay on Contemporary Christian stations. I call it a modern-day power ballad.

'Over You' was the third single. It starts out acoustically before hitting its stride.

'Crashed' is a harder-edged tune that was released as a single to U.S. rock stations.

'Feels Like Tonight' was the fourth single, and it has a more contemporary sound. Another winner.

'What I Want' is the hardest song on the album, and it features Slash on a scorching guitar solo. It was released as a single to rock stations and did very well on the charts.

'Breakdown' is a very brooding and intense song that should appeal to most of you. It alternates acoustic passages with some pretty hard rocking, all to excellent effect.

'Gone' is another great modern rocker.

'There And Back Again' would be my least favourite song on there, but by no means is it a poor song. It is the least distinctive song on there (at least to me), sounding like how I imagine all those other bands that I don't listen to sound. But Chris's vocals keep this hard rocker at a higher level than the other guys.

'All These Lives' has darker lyrics - about child abduction (though not in a really obvious manner).

'What About Now' is another power ballad, and it ends the album on a definite high. This was single number five (not counting the two rock-only singles), coming out over a year and a half after the album had been released. Pretty impressive, and it shows the staying power of this album. It might be my favourite of all the excellent songs on here. Very uplifting and positive.

A few bonus tracks have been made available, including the previously mentioned 'Feels Like The First Time' and 'Wanted Dead Or Alive'.

'Sorry' is another good tune that is not quite as good as most of the album tunes but is definitely worth getting as it is still a worthwhile song.

In Summary

This was an absolutely huge album for 2006, selling over four million copies in the U.S. and spawning five Top 40 hits and two others that charted high on the rock charts.

After the recording of the album, the band came together and did a good amount of touring before releasing their sophomore set in 2009.

I do believe most of you would find something to enjoy on here. It is a more modern sound than a lot of bands that are reviewed here. But with a vocalist like Chris Daughtry, the results are darn good.

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