Wolverine - 2006 Still


ARTIST: Wolverine
ALBUM: Still
LABEL: Candlelight Records
YEAR: 2006


LINEUP: Thomas Jansson - bass * Marcus Losbjer - drums * Mikael Zell - guitars * Andreas Baglien - keyboards * Stefan Zell - vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 A House Of Plague * 02 Bleeding * 03 taste Of Sand * 04 Nothing More * 05 Sleepy Town * 06 Liar On The Mount * 07 Hiding * 08 This Cold Heart Of Mine * 09 And She Slowly Dies

RATING: image


I will unapologetically tout this album until the end of time, because it is the very definition of an overlooked prog metal gem. Came out of nowhere, and, sadly, into partial obscurity it went.

The Songs

Slow, building intro, meditative first strophe and a mindblowingly catchy chorus - 'A House Of Plague' strikes you down with Wolverine fever. You're welcome.

'Bleeding' hits you with a sense of tangible exasperation, and 'Taste Of Sand' prolongs the effect with Stefan Zell's marvelous crooning, indeed like fine sand gliding through an hourglass.

'Nothing More' is a calm slow dirge of a broken heart, which effectively closes the first half of the album, and opening the second is the unusual 'Sleepy Town', a very 'pop' tune carried by looping drum beats and an otherwordly atmosphere. Isolation, quiet despair, reconcilement.

'Liar On The Mount' is a true prog metal anthem, and a biting, controversial one, about boldly renouncing God, with pride. It is followed by another intrinsically tranquil number about making peace with the constant masking of one's true intentions and self that is in the core of social relations nowadays.

'This Cold Heart Of Mine' and 'And She Slowly Dies' make sure the album doesn't end with this sense of peace and that it thoroughly disturbs you and makes you rethink your position on love, justice and human destiny, one with righteous anger, the other with indelible sadness and helplessness.

In Summary

No irregular time signatures, no stop-and-go riffs, no complexity that goes over the head of the band itself and let alone its listeners, just an exploratory attitude in regards to music.

That's what marks Wolverine's unusual style of dark progressive metal and what makes this album such a great listen.

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