Cheap Trick - 1980 All Shook Up


ARTIST: Cheap Trick
ALBUM: All Shook Up
SERIAL: FE 36498
YEAR: 1980
CD REISSUE: 1990, Epic, EK 36498 * 2006, Legacy, 82796944842


LINEUP: Robin Zander - vocals, guitars * Rick Neilsen - lead guitars, piano * Tom Petersson - bass * Bun E Carlos - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Stop This Game * 02 Just Got Back * 03 Baby Loves To Rock * 04 Can't Stop It But I'm Gonna Try * 05 World's Greatest Lover * 06 High Priest Of Rhythmic Noise * 07 Love Comes A-Tumblin' Down * 08 I Love You Honey But I Hate Your Friends * 09 Go For The Throat * 10 Who D' King



By 1980, Cheap Trick was headlining stadiums and arenas. However, at the time, Cheap Trick were fighting for musical independence and took the opportunity on the heels of the platinum-seller 'Dream Police' to take their sound in a different direction.

Considering The Beatles were a major influence on the band, it seemed fitting to have George Martin at the helm production wise. While this didn't result in huge album sales, the overall consistency represented on 'All Shook Up' is nothing short of a power pop classic!!

The Songs

Where 'Dream Police' petered out along the way, 'All Shook Up' is the epitome of a band at the absolute peak of their powers musically and lyrically. There are no bad songs and if you're a fan of the group or a power pop fan, this should be a prerequisite.

'Stop This Game' - The arrangements are plentiful, add a dash of Martin's 'Sgt. Pepper' magic with Zander's golden throat stylings and you have all the classic elements of previous Cheap Trick and more!! Forging ahead into new territory with a brighter poppy sound without forgetting their rock roots.

'Just Got Back' - Bun E. shines on the skins as does Robins vocal range. I Remember they opened up with this on the 'Busted' tour which was cool.

'Baby Loves To Rock' - An all out arse kicker if there ever was one. Title says it all and does. More hooks than a tackle box - or perhaps than the first side of 'Dream Police' alone!!

'Can't Stop It But I'm Gonna Try' - All 4 Tricksters are playing at their bloody best! One of my favourite Cheap Trick songs to this day. An overlooked classic!

'World's Greatest Lover' - Probably Cheap Tricks 'greatest' song ever! Martin's touch makes this sound better than many of the fab fours finest!! Another classic!

'High Priest Of Rhythmic Noise' - Electronic elements fusing together with Trick's blend of crushing rock n roll makes for an interesting combo. The synth-Darth Vader voice works here even though it sounds like a quaalude induced warble. '...Such a pity what's a poor boy to do?'

'Love Comes A-Tumblin' Down' - Relentless workout from these Illinois boys!

'I Love You Honey But I Hate Your Friends' - Tongue and cheek classic once again showcasing the talents of this great American hard rock band. Cheap Trick should of been bigger than Aerosmith as they have always been better. Robin's voice on this is priceless!

'Go For The Throat (Use Your Own Imagination)' - Another of my favourites of Trick songs. All out rocker as Peterson and Nielsen shine here like never before.

'Who D'king' - You would only consider this the throwaway if you didn't get the humor behind this band!! This Tribal-esque drum chants are courtesy of the soiled noggin of the great Brad 'Bun E' Carlos!. A fitting way to cap off to the first chapter of this excellent rock and roll band!!

In Summary

'Stop This Game' was the only single to chart in the Billboard Top 100. The bonus tracks on the reissue were all previously released somewhere or another.

'Everything Works If You Let It' was on the soundtrack to the Meatloaf film 'Roadie', and the other four tracks were from the EP 'Found All The Parts'.

Cheap Trick also contributed two excellent AOR ditties to the soundtrack of the movie 'Heavy Metal', 'Reach Out' and 'I Must Be Dreamin'.

After the release of 'All Shook Up', Petersson left the group and was replaced with Pete Comita. Shortly thereafter Jon Brant became 12 string Tom's steady replacement.

Interesting to note that around this time Carlos and Nielsen participated in sessions for 'Double Fantasy' and were recording with John Lennon in New York City the evening before he was murdered.

'All Shook Up' remains one of the group's best releases and a masterpiece from rock's Glory Daze. Essential in every sense of the word.

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