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ARTIST: Adrian Gurvitz
ALBUM: No Compromise
LABEL: Cool Sounds (Japan)
YEAR: 2000

LINEUP: Adrian Gurvitz - vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums * Paul Gurvitz - bass, backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Ain't Always The Same * 02 No Compromise * 03 I'm Not Cryin' Over You * 04 Price You Pay * 05 Punch * 06 No One's In Love * 07 Can't Buy Time * 08 High Point Of Love * 09 The Last Laugh


Well, the name Adrian Gurvitz is synonymous with British rock going back through the decades. Do any of you long-timers remember Gurvitz's bands such as The Gun, Three Man Army or the Baker Gurvitz Army?

How about that huge hit from 1968 called 'Race With The Devil', which went to No#1 just about everywhere and has been covered by many artists since. During the 70's, Gurvitz was busy with several projects, including the Graeme Edge Band, where he released two albums with the former Moody Blues man.

At the end of the decade, Gurvitz went solo, and released the interesting 'Sweet Vendetta' LP in 1979 which featured the cream of the L.A session musician scene including the Porcaro's from Toto. Into the 80's, Adrian was again very busy with songwriting efforts, but one project that was not so well known were a series of songs he recorded in 1983, which was not released officially until 2000 by the Japanese Cool Sounds label.

The Songs

It's a nine-track effort, which really is about as pure 80's AOR as it gets. I'm quite surprised by this, and great that some people actually made an effort to officially release it, even if it was 17 years later.

For me, listening to these songs is like taking a stroll through the back catalog of John Parr, John Miles or even John Wetton's solo material. Vocally, Adrian has a tone similar to ELP's Greg Lake.

'Ain't It Always The Same' is a good indication of these comparisons. The big production techniques abound for the title track 'No Compromise' including parping synths and big electronic drums. It's ballad time for 'I'm Not Cryin' Over You', very smooth and is primetime AOR with those delectable keyboards washing away in the background.

Glory Daze readers should enjoy the pumping AOR of 'The Price You Pay', the song uses a template that should have you all nodding in agreement. Great chorus by the way. The song title is brief and to the point, and with sound samples from a boxing bout, 'Punch' lives up to its title easily. This is very American sounding AOR from the era, perhaps Stan Bush is a good example here.

'No One's In Love' is a part-ballad with a surging chorus though the drum machine backing is a bit obvious on this one. 'Can't Buy Time' and 'High Point Of Love' continues the saccahrine levels of melody. 'The last Laugh' completes the album, and is my favourite track. Synth laden, strong guitar lines, and a super chorus along with a killer guitar solo.

In Summary

As mentioned the album was only released in Japan, and good luck to you if you can find an original CD copy. I think it would be well worth the effort.

I haven't had an opportunity to listen to Adrian's other solo material, but judging from this article, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm about to begin a treasure hunt. 'No Compromise' comes totally recommended as AOR of the highest order.

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The Price You Pay

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    gdazegodgdazegod Lostralia
    Video added.
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    Great stuff, but impossible to get for a decent price. An upload (maybe in flac) here would be highly appreciated.
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    gdazegodgdazegod Lostralia
    Rob, I have only found FLAC versions of:

    Sweet Vendetta (1979)
    Ill Assasino (1980)
    Classic (1982)
    Acoustic Heart (1996)

    There is none so far for No Compromise.
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