Joe Perry Project - I've Got The Rock And Rolls Again

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ARTIST: Joe Perry Project
ALBUM: I've Got The Rock And Rolls Again
LABEL: Columbia
SERIAL: FC 37364
YEAR: 1981
CD REISSUE: 1990, Columbia, CK 37364

LINEUP: Joe Perry - guitars * Charlie Farren - vocals, guitars * David Hull - bass * Ronnie Stewart - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 East Coast West Coast * 02 No Substitute For Arrogance * 03 I've Got The Rock And Rolls Again * 04 Buzz Buzz * 05 Soldier Of Fortune * 06 TV Police * 07 Listen To The Rock * 08 Dirty Little Things * 09 Play The Game * 10 South Station Blues


Once upon a time Aerosmith were a great band. They really were a kickass solid blues/hard rock band from about the time of their debut release in 1973 to dare I say 'Night In The Ruts'. Now they are a pathetic, 'American Idol' joke.

Sobering up was perhaps one of their worst career moves, and they made a few in their time. It's been a long time since they were producing such stellar material such as 'Rocks', It's a shame that anyone under 30 years old will remember them as Tyler's appearances on 'American Idol' and crap like 'Love In An Elevator' and 'Rag Doll'.

Anyway, midway through recording 'Night In The Ruts', Joe Perry decided to walk out on Aerosmith, after a violent feud, when his wife poured a glass of milk over Tom Hamilton's wife, while headlining The World Series of Rock, 1979.

Joe then put together a hard-rocking band, called the Joe Perry Project. This 2nd release features vocalist and rhythm guitarist Charlie Farren, after Joe sacked former vocalist Ralph Morman ex Daddy Warbux for drinking too much.

Produced by Bruce Botnick, The Doors engineer and recorded in Boston at the Boston Opera House. The original title was to be 'Soldier Of Fortune'.

The Songs

The album kicks off with 'East Coast, West Coast' a fast-paced rocker with Charlie on vocals. Following on is 'No Substitute For Arrogance' with Joe displaying his guitar style with some big chunky lead work, a perfect vehicle for the two guitarists.

The title track is up next and is a good solid tune. It starts out with a bluesy guitar solo and then Charlie kicks in with the lead vocals and then a fast drumbeat by Stewart.

'Buzz Buzz' is an odd one, JPP attempted a punk song but fail miserably, it has its moments but lyrically it's so banal. 'Soldier Of Fortune' is average enough too and the chorus is just repetitive and annoying.

'Dirty Little Things' is probably one of two of the best tracks on the album with Charlie Farren doing his best Kiss impression. It has a nice beat, good lead and backing vocals, making this very pleasurable to listen to.

'Play The Game' is next, as Joe churns out some of his famous powerful soloing which works in perfect tandem with Charlie Farren's depressed vocal style.

And finally 'South Station Blues' has Joe on vocals and is the albums' standout track. Lyrically you can hear the situation Joe had got himself into while recording this album. He was high on coke for most of it and had split from his first wife.

In Summary

This album does have its highlights, but it is no way on a par with the debut. The production lacks punch than the predecessor, the songwriting isn't as first-rate, and the overall performance isn't as energetic.

On the plus side Joe Perry shows why he is considered by many to be a guitar god by wailing away throughout, and even supplying the vocals to the album's best track, the turbo-charged closing ditty 'South Station Blues.'

Overall it's not a bad effort and still gets the occasional spin here. Joe went on to produce three albums in the course of three years (1980-83) then returned to his former bandmates in 1984, for the 'Done With Mirrors' album and tour the following year.

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