Knyght - 2009 Bet Everything [ep]


ARTIST: Knyght
ALBUM: Bet Everything [ep]
LABEL: Anko Music
SERIAL: LC-15392
YEAR: 2009
SPONSOR: Tommy Forni


LINEUP: Tommaso 'Tommy' Forni - lead vocals, guitars * Oliviero 'Olly' Forni - lead guitar, backing vocals * The 'Doc' - keyboards * Dario Stagnitto - bass * Matt 'Mr' Svarione - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Goin' Anywhere * 02 Heaven Or Hell * 03 A Million Times * 04 The Game Of Love N Hate * 05 Shut Up

RATING: image


Back in late 2007 we had our first look at a young Italian band called Knyght. Their first batch of songs under the guise of 'Destination Unknown' was a bit of a journey into the unknown. Well, we've given those boys from Rome a two year hiatus, and they return with a very spruced up EP called 'Bet Everything'.

This lot have improved in leaps and bounds, considering their age, enthusiasm and relative lack of experience. They still look like boys on the back cover, but to be honest I've seen worse (does Def Leppard circa 'On Through The Night' ring any bells?).

This time around they've utilized the services of German producer Heiko Hinze, who has previously twiddled the dials for Motley Crue, Metal Church and Tom Jones of all people. Hinze's influence has turned this band of promising youngsters into a much more serious proposition.

Looking at their list of influences, you can see it has AOR and melodic rock on one side of the boulevard, while there is the glam/sleaze brigade on the shady side of the lane. These two lines of fusion meet up at the traffic lights on Knyght St.

The Songs

Another five songs have been presented to us. Opener 'Goin Anywhere' is a splashback to glam and hard rock influences. The guys at didn't like this song - according to their review. I like it a lot. It's musically tight, big production, riffing guitars combined with an organ/keys layer. The drums really sound good. Certainly nothing wrong from where I sit.

'Heaven Or Hell' is restrained at the start but soon spoils for a fight by the first verse/chorus combo. The piano is prominent here, which helps temper the song in places.

'A Million Times' is Knyght working a power ballad, it's admirable, but you have to be on your game when it comes to the slow stuff. Musically it's ok, but the lyrics and vocals didn't convince. 'The Game Of Love N Hate' spews out some solid riffs to start with, and is anchored by a piano motif throughout.

To round it out, the frantic 'Shut Up' is a good indication of where the strengths of this band lie. Sharp intrusive modern pop/rock with a bit of dirt and spit polish for melody. For me, it's probably the best track on the EP.

In Summary

Already in 2009, Knyght have performed a couple of support dates with US bands Faster Pussycat and Beautiful Creatures. With their youthful energy, I'm sure they would've stirred up the crowd and given both those 'past by use dates' outfits a run for their money.

Their next notable gig is supporting Adam Bomb in Rome during May 2009. These guys are on the improve. Love to see what they come up with next. Knyght just keep on keeping on.

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