Eye (Sweden) - 2009 2 Hearts [ep]


ARTIST: Eye (Sweden)
ALBUM: 2 Hearts [ep]
LABEL: Blue Topaz Recordings
YEAR: 2009
SPONSOR: Blue Topaz Recordings/Blindfoldead Distribution


LINEUP: Oz Osukaru - guitars * Ivan 'Ivve' Hoglund - vocals * Mathias Rosen - keyboards * Jace Fevero - bass * Rob Degen - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Lovers Apart (Intro) * 02 2 Hearts (Lovers Apart) * 03 Without You * 04 Restless Dreams * 05 These Tears * 06 How Many Roads (demo) * 07 Without You (acoustic)

RATING: image


Featured earlier in the year through our News Desk was Gothenburg based AORsters Eye. These guys are definitely drinking from the same fountain as fellow Swedish sensations H.E.A.T.

I read somewhere on the Net, where someone mentioned that these guys sounded nothing like H.E.A.T. Well if that is the case, then I'm a monkeys uncle, because there's enough evidence here to suggest that both bands have a similarity to the point of being obvious.

Released back in February this year, I have to thank the team at Blue Topaz/Blindfoldead for sending me a review copy. Eye (in the main) features well travelled singer Ivan Hoglund, who was a member of glam rockers Sharp, and is a current member of Pretty Wild - their 'All The Way' CD reviewed here recently, plus main man Oz Osukaru - previously with Katana.

Eye certainly have their focus on the pure hard rock/AOR style that H.E.A.T made their own during 2008.

The Songs

You gotta the love the sound that these guys have generated. Rich keyboards, a full guitar attack that only Scandi bands know how to produce, plus a singer in Hoglund that is trying to outdo the great Freddy Curci on the high notes.Admittedly, Ivve doesn't quite get it right on some songs, but for the most part his vocals are ok, though I much preferred him singing the glam style with Pretty Wild than the disciplined structure required for AOR.

Still, with big sounding tunes such as '2 Hearts (Lovers Apart)' and the surging AOR of 'Restless Dreams', the Eye delivery method is pretty impressive.

The H.E.A.T comparison is noticeable on 'Without You', though I have to say, the best track here is the brilliant 'How Many Roads', and that one is only a demo, to me it sounds like Davinci on steroids. Wow, can't wait for more material along these lines.

In Summary

I'm guessing that at some stage, Eye will head back into the studio for a full album release either later this year or early 2010.

With '2 Hearts', they have proved that they have the chops to land the big one, and should use this time to refine their sound and iron out any kinks before venturing into the studio for what will be a keenly anticipated album.

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