Broken Valves - 2009 Lady [ep]


ARTIST: Broken Valves
ALBUM: Lady [EP]
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2009


LINEUP: Riccardo Favara - voicals * Riccardo Amenta - lead guitar * Roberto D'aleo - rhythm guitar * Fabio Lo Cascio - bass * Francesco Corrao - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Lady * 02 Find Another Way * 03 Mexico * 04 Why So Serious


Here's something a little different. We introduce Broken Valves from Italy. This time last year we were praising the deeds of fellow countrymen Myland and Hungry Heart.

This year however, the fruits of labour are a little less on offer, and judging from what Broken Valves have delivered on their 4 track EP, it seems there is some way to go before stardom will come door knocking.

The boys from Palermo cite Aerosmith, Mr Big, Van Halen, GnR and Extreme as influences. Big shoes to fill?

Sure are, and though the bio is colourfully written, Broken Valves have to start somewhere, and this 'Lady' EP is it. Formed in 2006, the band are still a little rough around the edges.

The Songs

The title track 'Lady' is the opening cut, and it's not difficult to hear Nirvana's famous riff from 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' come wafting through.

Wasn't sure what to make of the second track 'Find Another Way'. Musically, it's all over the place, and not particularly tight. The guitars interchange between wah and distortion, and I found it a bit awkward to listen to it.

'Mexico' though sounding like an exotic far off location was an even harder affair to digest. Part slow rock and ballad, it ends up sounding like neither, and it's only with about a minute to go that they decide to crank up the distortion and go for it. I get the impression that a GnR approach was attempted with this one, inclusive of the tequila.

Probably the most powerful track of the quartet is the last one: 'Why So Serious'. Again, it's a bit of mess musically, but that is partly covered up by the heaviness and muddled sound through the distortion and hamfisted guitar mix.

In Summary

Broken Valves have a lot of work to do if they want to break out from their regional base and continue at this game. Musically, it needs to be a whole lot tighter and 'dead on accurate', in terms of vocals, harmonies, and instrumentation.

At this stage they are probably (in the well heeled words of our previous reviewer Andrew Ellis) 'two thirds perspiration and one third inspiration'. Admittedly, there's a lot of energy to be had with this band, being able to harness it is another thing altogether.

For melodic rockers and AORsters, this is not a band that will appeal in an instant. For those into more of a hard-hat classic rock scenario, then they maybe worth a listen. Check out the four tracks on their MySpace page.

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