White Wizzard - 2009 High Speed GTO [ep]

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ARTIST: White Wizzard
ALBUM: High Speed GTO [ep]
LABEL: Earache Records
YEAR: 2009

LINEUP: James Paul Luna - vocals * James La Rue - guitars * Jon Leon - bass * Tyler Meahl - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 High Speed GTO * 02 Celestina * 03 Into The Night * 04 March Of The Skeletons * 05 Megalodon * 06 Octane Gypsy * 07 Red Desert Skies

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For something a little different, I though we might take a look at White Wizzard, a young American band who sound like they have time-shifted two decades into the past.

From Los Angeles, this band originally recorded these tracks back in 2007, and when you compare these youngsters to other youthful outfits on the scene (think Black Tide and Crooked X), White Wizzard could be considered quite tame by comparison, but they still have a bit of charm about them.

It's very 80's trad metal, with a huge nod to Iron Maiden, Armored Saint and Savatage during that 1983-1984 period. So with that in mind..

The Songs

Typically 80's, the lyrics run the gamut of fast cars, fast love and other worldly creatures (include within that prehistoric sharks and skeletons). If this was released in 1983 rather than 2009, these guys would've been huge.

It just goes to show how influential traditional 80's metal is on the current generation of youth. You can tell your parents that HM from the 80's wasn't a waste of time and effort after all.

The opener 'High Speed GTO' you can view underneath as a linked video. Though cheesy, this was what videos were all about back in the 80's.

'Celestina' is your typical boys meets girl hook-up story, but things prove much more interesting as 'Into The Night' straddles the hard rock and metal fence.

'March Of The Skeleton' is one of the highlights for me, it started out with a riff stolen from Dio's 'Holy Diver' but gradually picks up pace and heaviness.

'Megalodon' is the name of a prehistoric shark, and if you listen to the lyrics you'll hear references to it. Unusual yes, musically it sounds like these boys have all of the Savatage back catalog among them.

The shrill vocal through the middle is a real ear piercer. We've got more references to fast women and even faster cars with 'Octane Gypsy', while the tragic tale of war and conflict is told once more with 'Red Desert Skies'.

In Summary

As mentioned, this was recorded in 2007, and not long after band leader Jon Leon offloaded the entire band, so this is the only recorded material you'll hear from this line-up.

Leon has formed a new version of the band and hopefully we'll be getting some new material recorded real soon. If you like it 80's, slightly cheesy and goofball (if the video is anything to go by), then check White Wizzard out.

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