White Widdow - 2009 EP [demo]

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ARTIST: White Widdow
ALBUM: EP [demos]
YEAR: 2009


LINEUP: Julez Mephisto - vocals * Enzo Almanzi - guitars * Xavier Mephisto - keyboards * Trent - bass * Jim Naish - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Cross To Bear * 02 Change Of Passion * 03 Don't Fail Me Now


White Widdow, cool name, Aussie band to boot. These guys got a mention on this site back in Sept 2009, on our 'Watch This MySpace' subforum. From Melbourne, White Widdow have got the attitude and the legacy to make a go of it in 2010.

The band released a handful of demos back in July 2009, and these are now being viralled throughout the online hard rock community. We at Glory Daze have picked up on these too, and deem it a good opportunity to cast our ears over these three tracks. As an Australian based website, we're gonna do our bit to promote good Aussie talent and WW is as good a place to start.

Formed as an offshoot of Australian glam metallers The Deadthings by singer Jules Mephisto, White Widdow are a long way away from that sound, but it goes to show that if you were bought up on a solid cross-selection of hard rock, then there is every chance that the closet AORster will be revealed.

The Songs

The WW demos only comprise of three tracks. Opening up with 'Cross To Bare', the synths are very modern but are bought back to sense of 80's hard rock reality when the guitars are firing. I'm loving it already.

The second track 'Change Of Passion' is astounding. When I first heard those keyboard riffs, I was thinking Shy's 'Young Heart' from their 'Excess All Areas', though in a slightly different pitch. Nice track though.

The third track 'Don't Fail Me Now' is a slower moodier piece, with a nice sense of dynamics and swirling synth layers. The chorus is very hooky, my only concern is the drum sound. A bigger production would obviously fix this, but as these are only demos, we'll let it slide.

In Summary

The band have been out on road promoting themselves recently. During Nov 2009, they supported American glam rockers Pretty Boy Floyd. It's been a while since pure AOR was being paraded down in Melbourne, which has in recent years seen more developments in the metal scene.

I look forward to seeing the development of White Widdow during this new year, and will be keeping an eye on any news coming out their camp, which apparently includes a full blown debut album. One to watch.

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