Titan - 2009 Steps [ep]

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ALBUM: Steps [ep]
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2009


LINEUP: Gustav Larsson - vocals * Kristian Larsen - guitars * Chistofer Bjorck - keyboards * Gustav Bergstrom - bass * Simon Cop - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Hero * 02 I Want You * 03 When Evening Falls * 04 Steps * 05 Top Of Your World * 06 One More Night

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My god, it's like a flashback to the 80's. Swedish AOR/pop sensations Titan have bought into the late great decade as if they were born to it.

From the city of Helsingborg (as close as you can get to Denmark without getting your feet wet), these boys are still in their late teens, so they have no right parading around and resurrecting Swedish AOR as it was all those years ago, in fact they weren't even born then.

Be that as it may, Titan have released a fun time blast of smooth AOR, complete with synths, guitars and gorgeous harmony vocals, in the vein of late 80's wonders Bad Habit and Alien. Moving into the 21st century, it would be easy to see that the Titan team could've used Work Of Art, W.E.T and H.E.A.T as major inspiration in their music.

The Songs

Six tracks is all it takes to get any bonafide AOR fan hot and bothered.

'Hero' takes us on a ride that has Work Of Art in the red corner and Bad Habit in the blue. 'I Want You' has a Toto like slow vibe happening, but by the time you get to 'When Evening Calls', it's AOR Central - pure and simple, smooth to the touch.

Lots of percussion precedes the title track 'Steps', making way for a brief 80's hi-tech track, which could've been sourced from 1985-86. It segues into the Saga like 'Top Of The World' with those big brash synths washing over the soundscape.

The EP is concluded with the effortless and melodic 'One More Night', another brilliant effort, again in the vein of Work Of Art.

In Summary

Titan were previously called Striker, they released an independent CD in early 2009 before morphing their name and identity later in the year to Titan.

Head on over to MySpace and You Tube, there you will get an idea of what Titan are all about. A promising band to watch, good lord it's all happening in Sweden. Perhaps I should move there. Now there's a thought.

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