Lucky 13 - 2009 Far From Home [demo EP]

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ARTIST: Lucky 13
ALBUM: Far From Home [demo EP]
LABEL: Self Released
SERIAL: None (demos)
YEAR: 2009
SPONSOR: Elias and Lucky 13


LINEUP: Elias - lead vocals, bass * Nash - lead guitars * George M - guitars * Tsaky - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Ain't No Luck * 02 Feels Like Coming Home * 03 Get In My Way * 04 Make My Day * 05 Judas Kiss


It must be our Greek connection that brings Lucky 13 to the attention of Glory Daze. From Thessaloniki, this quartet are taking a punt each way, combining their obvious love of 80's and 90's melodic rock, and overlaying it with a Noughties modern rock veneer.

Formed back in 2004, the band were originally named Underdog and performed mainly covers. The name change was in tandem with a direction change, a good move because these guys have definitely got something happening. Hard to pin down any specific reference points, let's just leave it at melodic modern rock with a glam edge. Will that do?

The Songs

Acoustic guitars precede 'Ain't No Way', Boston like in fact, though the mood suddenly changes with a relentless attack of electric guitar riffs. You can still tell there is that acoustic/electric guitar interplay happening, very much like Harem Scarem in places.

I like the way Lucky 13 work up the excitement on 'Feels Like Coming Home', great bass lines and harmony vocals on the chorus. 'Get In My Way' is the most commercial track, with some Bryan Adams 'Run To You' like guitar melodies introducing the song. The song eventually rounds out to something heavier.

'Make My Day' reminds me of Thunder (UK), a boisterous track, with parping brass parts over what are industrial strength guitar lines. The finale 'Judas Kiss' is a razor sharp rocker, fiery, big (no huge.) guitars, a metallic edge, yes, this borders on metal with ease.

In Summary

The band lineup has bought in a new bass player according to their MySpace page, plus they will be playing with Crashdiet when that band comes to town at the end of April 2010.

Some good vibes seem to be happening in the Lucky 13 camp, maybe it's not just the roll of the dice? How the band will end up sounding in future is open to debate, as their wide ranging references may invite fans as much as turning a few away. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

I guess that's the luck of the draw. In the meantime, Greece has another young melodic rock outfit on the rise.

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