Acid - 2009 Live In Belgium


ALBUM: Live In Belgium '84
LABEL: Femetal
YEAR: 2009


LINEUP: Kate - lead vocals * Demon - lead guitar * Dizzy Lizzy - rhythm guitar * T-Bone - bass * Anvil - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Acid * 02 Maniac/ Hooked On Metal * 03 Bottoms Up * 04 Lucifera * 05 No Time * 06 Exterminator * 07 Anvill * 08 America * 09 Max Overload * 10 Heaven's Devil's * 11 Drop Dead


Acid started making noise in 1982 when the female-fronted Brugge, Belgium group released their first single 'Hell on Wheels'/'Hooked on Metal' which went over a storm among the denim and leathered metal hoards.

A self-titled LP was followed up with 1983's 'Maniac' and 'Engine Beast' in 1985 and yet despite sporadic but very high profile concert dates with Black Sabbath, Manowar, Motorhead and Venom, Acid never broke out of their underground cult status.

Enter Femetal Records, an imprint dedicated to hard and heavy female fronted rock that primarily focused on deluxe vinyl although this live set from Acid was released on both CD and LP.

The Songs

Recorded at the Lido Hall in Leuven, Belgium June 2, 1984, the sound quality is adequate even with poor editing, drop-outs and a bit of buzz here and there although from what I can gather 'Black Car', Acid's most well-known track was left off due to a breakup mid-song.

Flipping the cassette is my guess yet despite the CD's flaws it's easy to hear why Acid is so revered among metal aficionados. Often referred to as speed and even black metal, the band was quite melodic and rest assured, nothing here will put you in cardiac arrest or give you the urge to burn down your local church.

In fact a recent and lengthy interview in Snakepit Magazine (a must read for anyone into '80s metal) reveals the occult aspect of Acid's world view was purely a gimmick to sell records and nothing more. Their biggest selling point, obvious from the disc's front cover photo was Kate De Lombaert whose leathery pipes often recall a demonic Darby Mills.

Although the band were more than up to snuff, churning out relentless riffs amid the occasional pyrotechnics which are a little too audible at times but what the heck, it sounds like everyone was having a good time and stand-out tunes like 'Lucifera' and 'Heaven's Devils' gave the crowd what they came for.

In Summary

With a full colour booklet including promo and concert photos as well as the actual poster from the gig, I imagine with Femetal no longer in operation this disc won't be around much longer although a few like-minded distributors still have copies on hand so if obscure Euro metal is your thing, get it while you can.

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