Various Artists - 2009 Killed By Glam


ARTIST: Various Artists
ALBUM: Killed By Glam
LABEL: Moon Boot Records
SERIAL: MB 01 (LP only)
YEAR: 2009


TRACK LISTING: 01 Bye Bye Bad Days - Hector * 02 Beautiful Love - Chris Hodge * 03 This Is Where The Hurdie Gurdie Heebie Geebie Greenie Meenie Man Came In - Bubbles * 04 Look Out For Love - Mal Grey & Flight 56 * 05 The Race - Go Go Thunder * 06 She's Got The Power - Neil Christian * 07 The Party Must Be Over - Whistle * 08 Tiger Woman - Toggles * 09 Yeah - Jets * 10 Hi-Heel Tarzan - Soho Jets * 11 Saturday Night - Bilbo Baggins * 12 Jekyll And Hyde - Mighty 'Em * 13 Glad To Know You - Paul And Barry Ryan * 14 Trucking Song - Skin * 15 Rock 'N' Roll Crazy - Zappo

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Believe it or not that's 80's popster Kim Wilde's dad - Marty Wilde on the front cover dressed to the nines as 'Zappo' - his brief glam rock alias. Embarrassing - maybe, cool music most definitely and welcome to the weird and wild world of 'junk shop glam' although we've been here before.

A few years ago we reviewed the disc that started it all - 'Velvet Tinmine' and in the time since that groundbreaking compilation there's been an unstoppable deluge of dusty singles and bands that have come to light amongst crazed collectors that shows no sign of abating.

Subtitled '16 UK Junk Shop Glam Rarities From The 1970's', 'Killed By Glam' is the latest entry in the junk shop comp sweepstakes with some familiar and more often than not, unfamiliar names.

The Songs

Hector didn't look so tough in their striped shirts and rolled up dungarees, but their sound kicked serious slightly punk rock ass on 'Bye Bye Bad Days' while Bubbles and their confounding titled 'This Is Where the Hurdie Gurdie Heebie Geebie Greenie Meenie Man Came In' is one of the most refreshingly original glam singles I've heard with a near pomp rock sound.

Not quite as original is Mal Grey & Flight 56 which sounds like so much leathery Suzi Quatro and Toggles 'Tiger Woman' comes across like a medicated Sweet. Not bad, just a little too generic and sedate.

Over to side two we have The Jets and 'Yeah'. Not to be confused with the Roy Thomas Baker produced outfit, handclaps-a-plenty on this little rare as hell gem. Soho Jets borrow the 'oogah-chakah' from Blue Swede's massive hit 'Hooked On A Feeling' although it's not nearly as catchy.

Bilbo Baggins, who were managed by the dubious Tam Paton of Bay City Rollers fame, pull off one of the best cuts here with 'Saturday Night' that should have given Sweet a run for their money had it been given a proper push. They even toured with The Rollers in 1976 and I definitely want to know more about this outfit.

Paul and Barry Ryan released two excellent pop psych albums, but I've been blissfully unaware of their glam rock efforts until I heard 'Glad To Know You' and not surprisingly the classiest tune on the record with big pop hooks to spare.

This leaves us with the aforementioned Zappo and 'Rock 'N' Roll Crazy', a classic rocker with plenty of glammy foot stomping buzz left in its wake. Why the space boy outfit? I dunno. A lot of weird shit went on in the '70's.

In Summary

Released on LP only, the songs are obviously from transfers and not sourced from the original tapes with plenty of clicks, pops and scratchiness everywhere.

Which leads this reviewer to believe 'Killed by Glam' is a labor of love bootleg, but that's the best kind isn't it? Heck, you'd pay a fortune for this stuff anywhere else, if you can find 'em so why not pick this up while you still can before it too becomes as rare as the singles themselves.

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