Various Artists: Jason Becker Tribute - 2001 Warmth In The Wilderness

ARTIST: Various Artists
ALBUM: Jason Becker Tribute - Warmth In The Wilderness
LABEL: Lion Music
SERIAL: LMC 2103 2
YEAR: 2001

LINEUP: Musicians involved - Jeff Pilson, Marty Friedman, Paul Gilbert, Anders Johansson, Mattias IA Eklund, Cosmosquad feat. Jeff Kollman, Vinnie Moore, Chris Poland, Jeff Watson, Steve Morse, Robin McAuley, James Byrd, Patrick Rondat, Rolf Munkes' Empire, Stormwind, Torben Enevoldsen, Mark Boals & Lars Eric Mattsson, Ron Keel's Iron Horse featuring Robert Marcello, Mike Chlasciak, Jeff Scheetz, Cyril Achard, Phil Ansari Yaan-Zek & Lale Larson, Eric Sands with David Ragsdale, Project Alcazar, Paul Nelson, May Lian, All the Usual Suspects, Rob Johnson, PUA feat. Carina Alfie & Linda McDonald of Phantom Blue, Mistheria with Rick Renstrom, Eric Zimmermann, Mike Campese, Alex Masi, Pamme, David Martone, Ron Thal, Sami Asp, Tony Baena, Josephine of Phantom Blue, Hit The Ground Runnin', Evolution

TRACK LISTING: Disc #1: 01 A Little Ain't Enough - Stormwind * 02 Altitudes - Torben Enevoldsen * 03 Eleven Blues Egyptians - Ron Keel's Iron Horse * 04 A Jam For Jason - Cosmosquad * 05 Higher - David Martone * 06 Becker Ola - Pua * 07 Dogtown Shuffle - Rolf Munkes' Empire * 08 Go Off - Evolution * 09 Hammerhead Shark - Mark Boals/Lars Eric Mattsson * 10 Jasin Street - Hit The Ground Runnin' * 11 If You Have To Shout, - Tony Baena * 12 Baby's On Fire - Josephine Of Phantom Blue * 13 Sensible Shoes - Jeff Scheetz * 14 ESP - Cyril Achard * 15 Air - Phi Ansari Yaan-zek/Lale Larson

Disc #2: 01 Opus Pocus - Project Alcazar * 02 Mandy's Little Throbbing Heart - Eric Sands * 03 Blue - Paul Nelson * 04 It's Showtime - May Lian * 05 Becker's Bolero - Jeff Pilson * 06 Lydia's House - Mattias I.A Eklund * 07 Drop In The Bucket - All The Usual Suspects * 08 Forcefield - Rob Johnson * 09 Urmila - Mistheria * 10 Black Stallion Jam - Marty Friedman * 11 Hawking - Paul Gilbert * 12 Primal - Anders Johansson * 13 Rain - Eric Zimmermann * 14 Concerto - Mike Campese * 15 Tell The Truth - Lars Eric Mattsson/Alex Mast/Pamme/Johnny Lima/Robin Mcauley * 16 Outro Jam - Torben Enevoldsen/James Byrd/Patrick Rondat/Roh Thal/Mike Chlasciak/Sami Asp/Lars Eric Mattsson


Due to the many amazing guitar players out there, the term 'guitar hero' gets used quite often. In respect to Jason Becker the term doesn't even come close to describing the respect and admiration that many have for this young man as both a musician and human being.

For those not in the know, due to the debilitating disease ALS, Jason has been robbed of his ability to play the guitar. However, as you can read at his home page, that has not stopped Jason from living life to the full and even creating new music.

The Songs

'Warmth In The Wilderness' is quite an amazing collection of music and musicians who have joined forces to pay tribute to a much loved friend and admired musician. The choice of tracks ranges from Jason's own songs, his time with Cacophony and David Lee Roth, and other songs written by other musicians with Jason as inspiration.

It is quite a showcase for the tremendous work that Jason has performed and I'm sure he'll be impressed by the exciting renditions of familiar tracks and moved by those written in tribute. While most of the musicians taking part will ring a bell, Jeff Watson, Vinnie Moore, Marty Friedman, Mark Boals, Phantom Blue for instance, there are also a few new comers (at least to these ears) such as Tony Baena, Project Alcazar and Cyril Achard that really make their mark as well.

In Summary

As Danny Vaughn stated in the liner notes to this album, 'We have been inundated with so-called tribute records for the past 10 years which, quite often, amount to no more than a bunch of musicians patting themselves on the back. This project is a truly worthy effort and reflects upon what I think must be the intense spirituality of Jason Becker himself'. I couldn't have said it better myself.

You get the best of both worlds with 'Warmth In The Wilderness'. Not only do you get a double cd of great music but you are also directly supporting Jason and his family as all royalties will be passed on to the Becker's. Well done to Lion Music and everyone involved. To Jason - keep fighting the good fight. Look forward to hearing the new album.

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