Sons Of Servants - 2001 Slang Melody

ARTIST: Sons Of Servants
ALBUM: Slang Melody
LABEL: Rainy Day Records
YEAR: 2001

LINEUP: Stacy Ellis - guitars, vocals * Tommy Clark - guitar, vocals, harmonica * Kevin Poe - bass * Johni Walker - drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Lowdown * 02 Take It Or Leave It * 03 Mud * 04 Swampwater Mama * 05 Butt Chicken * 06 September '67 * 07 Xanada * 08 Too Much To Handle * 09 Precious Time * 10 Fire * 11 No Other Way * 12 That's Life


First off, I would again like to thank rkbluez for giving me the heads up on this one. Sons Of Servants are a bit of an enigma; there is not much information about them on the Net. They hail from Texas, and released this CD back in 1998. And to the best of my knowledge this is their only release.

Sons Of Servants have successfully combined a high testosterone and muscular blues-rock sound with traditional southern rock lyrics and added a newer and harder edged style.

The Songs

What we have here are 12 tracks of pure molten hard/blues-rock. Kicking off with 'Lowdown' with its harmonica and Black Sabbath riff, sounding very much like Stoner Rock, the mid section has some nice guitaring/harmonica soloing interspaced.

'Take It or Leave It' follows, again very riff laden that has Black Sabbath stamped all over it. 'Mud' next which is a nice musical introduction to 'Swampwater Mama'.

With a tittle like that how could a lover of southern rock like me not pay attention to this? Why I had to wait until 4 songs in to hear this bad boy. It should have been the first track to set the scene. This is a blues, hard rock infused epic. I love it.

We also get 'Butt Chicken', 'September 67' with some good slide guitar, while 'Fire' has a very similar riff to Aerosmith's 'Draw The Line'.

In Summary

One of the hardest CDs to review, I could not pigeon hole them in southern rock, even though they came from Texas.There are hints of Soundgarden and STP and riffs that come out of Black Sabbath's school of hard knocks.

Then there is a general 70's influence. What I do know is that Sons Of Servants play bollocking hard rock. I do believe that the band have split up, if anyone has any information on them please fill me in.

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