Tories, The - 2001 The Upside Of Down

ARTIST: Tories, The
ALBUM: The Upside Of Down
LABEL: 02 Records
SERIAL: 029667
YEAR: 2001

LINEUP: Steve Bertrand - vocals, guitar * James Gufree - bass, vocals * JJ Farris - guitar, vocals * Bryan Black - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Would You Notice * 02 Time For You * 03 Come Unglued * 04 Greatest Foe * 05 Point of View * 06 Superconductor * 07 Everything Keeps Coming Up You * 08 The Upside of Down * 09 The End * 10 Other Side of Time * 11 All the World's For Sale * 12 Change Me * 13 Alright Tonight * 14 Roxanne Riley


Already acclaimed for the superb debut release 'Wonderful Life', the Tories have returned with a slightly darker, but no less impressive modern rock album in 'Upside Of Down'.

Sharp-eyed readers may recognise guitarist JJ Farris' name from his stint in short-lived pop-metallers Slammin' Gladys in the early 90's, and neither him or the rest of the band are no strangers to the rollercoaster ride of the music business.

The Tories have faced many changes and upheavals in the past few years, and that probably accounts for the somewhat dark tone of some of the tracks, but this is by no means a glum record.

The Songs

Opener 'Would You Notice' is a superb representation of modern pop rock with a lifting chorus and the guiding hand of Foo Fighters' producer Stuart Brawley helps this to positively leap out of the speakers.

The pace picks up even more on 'Time For You' (the theme tune from the NBC show 'Jessie'), and blasts out a pulsating rhythm along with some rocking guitars.

The band's excellent combination of subtle verses and slamming choruses recalls a heavier Vertical Horizon, in particular, the title track, 'Greatest Foe' and 'Come Unglued', all of which have a real modern edge and groove to them.

The cathartic 'Point Of View' tells of splintering friendships and festering bitterness but is poppy enough to prevent it from becoming too melancholy.

In Summary

Yet the Tories also mix things up brilliantly with the slightly experimental 'The End', an interesting rock song set to the beat of a marching band (surely that must be a first).

The acoustic 'All The World's for Sale' and sugar-sweet pop rocker 'Everything Keeps Coming Up You' raises the spirits a little but the absolute standout track for me, and the song could surely be a huge summer hit for them is 'Superconductor'.

The mix of a great melody line, breezy poolside atmosphere and acoustic and electric guitars is irresistible and puts the top hat on a fine album.

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