Coppertree - 2001 Coppertree

ARTIST: Coppertree
ALBUM: Coppertree
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2001

LINEUP: Jim Gray - vocals * Justin - guitars * Jon Rutkowski - drums * Ken Berardinangelo - bass

TRACK LISTING: 01 Back Onto You * 02 Image Makers * 03 Forever Your One * 04 Your Everything * 05 Gotta Love Somebody * 06 Argentina Smile * 07 Waste Away * 08 Emotion * 09 Changing * 10 Never Really Learned


This self-titled CD is actually a re-recording and remix of much of the material on Coppertree's 2000 disc, 'Left Of Somewhere', and a big improvement it is too.

The band felt it was necessary to get a sound closer to their live show, so re-entered the studio, reduced the number of songs and the end result is a record as focused and melodic as anything you are likely to hear this year.

The Songs

Opener 'Back Onto You' alone proves that re-entering the studio was worthwhile. As the first of two brand new songs, it positively throbs with energy, vibe and a huge riff to complement the extremely catchy melody.

'Image Makers' follows suit in similar rocking style, emphasising Jim Gray's great vocal presence and demonstrating Coppertree's mix of modern and more traditional hard rock.

The band have been causing a stir in Boston for a couple of years now, and with songs like the full-on rock of 'Emotion', and the wickedly memorable 'Gotta Love Somebody' it's not hard to see why.

The former showcases some nifty guitar work from the mysteriously named Justin, and the latter is a pop/rock gem that has commercial appeal written all over it.

The other brand new track, 'Forever Your One', is an acoustic based, mid paced ballad that sounds like a cross between Oasis and Bryan Adams and highlights how much the guys' writing has matured over the past year or so.

As well as concentrating on the band's sound, reducing the number of tracks from Left Of Somewhere' has paid dividends as well. Although the bland, plodding 'Your Everything' is still included, an outstanding trio of tunes really help the album to stand out.

MTV licensed 'Changing' for the Road Rules TV show and like 'Waste Away' it is an edgy, modern sounding darker tune but with plenty of melodic appeal.

The acoustic based 'Never Really Learned' closes the album in fine style and is possibly the standout cut of the album with an extremely strong arrangement and chorus.

In Summary

Kudos must go to Coppertree for having the conviction to recognise the faults with their previous album and improve upon them by going back to the drawing board. Fans of well written melodic music with an edge and commercial appeal should be eternally grateful.

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