Northern Kings - 2008 Rethroned

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ARTIST: Northern Kings
ALBUM: Rethroned
LABEL: Warner Music Finland
SERIAL: 5051865147725
YEAR: 2008

LINEUP: Jarkko Ahola, JP Leppaluoto, Marco Hietala, Tony Kakko - vocals * Erkka Korhonen - guitars * Erkki Silvennoinen - bass * Mirka Rantanen - drums * Villi Ollila - keyboards, piano, programming

TRACK LISTING: 01 Training Montage * 02 Wanted Dead Or Alive * 03 Kiss From A Rose * 04 A View To A Kill * 05 Nothing Compares 2 U * 06 My Way * 07 Strangelove * 08 Take On Me * 09 I Should Be So Lucky * 10 Killer * 11 Roisin Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock Legend

RATING: image


Without changing the winning team, but slightly changing the approach, the Finnish symphonic metal cover supergroup nailed it on their second attempt.

The Songs

The album starts on a theatrical note, with an orchestral cover of the famous 'Training Montage' music - is there anyone who HASN'T worked out to this and 'Eye Of The Tiger'?

Marco Hietala growls angrily through 'Wanted Dead Or Alive', making it sound like it's sung by a rugged cowboy at least.

'Kiss From A Rose' is the first of five songs sung by all four singers, which is the biggest improvement from the previous album, as it allows for the grandiose vibe of their music to really be placed front and center.

'A View To A Kill' makes the original song sound lifeless, and 'Nothing Compares 2 U' is the masterwork of Tony Kakko's singing career.

'My Way' is a hard rocking remake of Frank Sinatra's classic featuring some impressive singing by Jarkko Ahola, and 'Strangelove' sounds almost threatening and twisted.

'Take On Me' is another song sung by all four of the Kings that makes the original look pale and uninteresting - such is the power they unlocked with the fresh metal arrangement and carefully deciding of which vocalist gets to sing which line.

'I Should Be So Lucky' left me speechless, because who would have guessed a Kylie Minogue song could sound so ominous and freaky?

'Killer' is probably the most unconventional of the covers, and serves as a great shake-up near the end of the album, which comes in the shape of my favourite Thin Lizzy song, wonderfully sung by the Ahola/Hietala duo, in an acoustic arrangement, that brought a rare and honest tear to my eyes.

In Summary

What a shame it is that the foursome never issued any albums after this 'Rethroned'. Each winter I patiently wait for an announcement, but there aren't any yet.

Doesn't stop me from spinning this album for the millionth time though. It's just that good.

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