Steelhorse (Spain) - 2008 Raise Your First [ep]

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ARTIST: Steelhorse (Spain)
ALBUM: Raise Your First [ep]
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2008
SPONSOR: Willy Gascon

LINEUP: Jorge Cortes - vocals * Willy Gascon - guitars * Javi Endara - bass * Ricardo Lazaro - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Sons Of Fire * 02 Raise Your Fist * 03 Winds Of Time * 04 Wild Power


Here's a recent Spanish outfit from Madrid keeping the 80's metal flame burning alive and well. Named Steel Horse, this quartet are bought up on a steady diet of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and The Rods, and they deliver as if caught up in a 1984 slipstream.

These boyz haven't been in action for long, coming to fruition in July 2007 thanks to the persistence of guitarist Willy Gascon and high-pitched wailer Jorge Cortes.

The quartet had played in various other local area bands such as Dead End Road and Wild. Earlier this year (Feb 2008) the band recorded this four track EP, styled very much in the vein of the three aforementioned bands.

The Songs

'Sons Of Fire' - as per the song title, this one reminds me of a cross between Priest and The Rods. Once we get past the intro, Willy Gascon riffs us into action, in Dave Feinstein like fashion. The growling vocals take me back to the 'Wild Dogs' era of The Rods. Aah this is a flashback indeed.

'Raise Your Fist' - the title track of the EP surges us straight into an Iron Maiden meets Priest double kick drum thumper. The tempo never wavers from a metronome count that could best described as 'galloping'. What this track lacks in finesse is more than made up for in enthusiasm.

'Winds Of Time' is probably the band's epic moment. It actually showcases Jorge Cortes vocal power to good effect. The song finishes with Cortes' vocal wail literally going through the roof. Boy, can this guy hit those high notes.

'Wild Power' churns through more 80's riffs with gusto. The song includes all the necessary elements of 80's HM, chanty choruses, big solos and that 'huge' voice of Cortes prowling the range yet again.

In Summary

Steel Horse's sound could be compared favorably to many of the bands on the former roster of Arise Records. Straight up HM with a power metal element to it, like Axenstar, Asperity etc. Willy tells me that the band are gigging throughout Spain, and will venture further out on the road during this coming summer season.

They plan to head into the studio for a fully-fledged debut album earmarked for release in about a years time. In between times, we hope they come up with a batch of new songs, a tightened up musical delivery thanks to months on the road refining their sound, and the acquisition of an ace engineer.

If so, we should see this promising band gearing up for the big time in 2009. I look forward to their progress. In the meantime, get familiar with one hell of a power singer in Jorge Cortes and a six-string sizzler in Willy Gascon. These boyz are Steel Horse.

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