Black Majesty - 2002 Sands Of Time [EP]

ARTIST: Black Majesty
ALBUM: Sands Of Time (Promo)
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2002

LINEUP: John 'Gio' Cavaliere - vocals * Steve Janevski - guitars * Hanny Mohamed - guitars * Pavel Konvalinka - drums * Joe Fata - bass

TRACK LISTING: 01 Fall Of The Reich * 02 Guardian * 03 Beyond Reality


Black Majesty, from Melbourne, Australia are one of many bands from downunder, such as Dungeon, Vanishing Point, and Pegazus, who are furthering the notion that Australia is possibly the latest and greatest breeding ground for classy melodic metal.

The band has formerly gone under the names of Kymera and Arkaya and includes former and current members of Pegazus and Cyclone Tracy.

The Songs

If their 3 track sampler is any indication then Black Majesty's debut album due in early 2003 will receive plenty of positive attention. 'Sands Of Time' contains 3 blistering power/prog metal anthems. 'Fall Of The Reich' grabs you by the throat and never lets up. A melodic metal masterpiece with vocalist John Cavaliere sounding quite sensational.

Second track 'Guardian' has an Iron Maiden-ish intro that moves into a progressive sound like that of fellow Aussies Vanishing Point. Vocally we get a duet between Cavaliere and former Pegazus singer Danny Cecati. The voices compliment each other very well.

Final track 'Beyond Reality' has a similar vibe to 'Guardian' with the Iron Maiden/Vanishing Point references.

In Summary

Though they claim that they may be the next Australian heavy metal band to make it's mark on Europe, (I think Dungeon may beat them to the punch), it is a claim that does have foundation.

In Cavaliere they have a world class vocalist and a sound that bridges very nicely between melodic power metal and progressive metal. I'm glad early 2003 is only a few months away as 'Sands Of Time' has put me in the mood for plenty more from this very talented band.

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