Bradshaw, J.D - 2002 The Essence Of Existence (EP)

ARTIST: Bradshaw, J.D
ALBUM: The Essence Of Existence
LABEL: Acacia Entertainment
YEAR: 2002

LINEUP: J.D Bradshaw - lead and rhythm guitars, bass * James Taylor - drums, percussion

TRACK LISTING: 01 Firecracker * 02 Over The Top * 03 Patchouli * 04 Yamaya


Out of Wachapreague, Virginia comes J.D. Bradshaw, a hard rocking, high energy guitar instrumentalist with influences such as Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen and Van Halen.

J.D. is just about to release his latest album, 'The Essence of Existence', and has been kind enough to supply us with a 4 track promo copy to check out. I'm unsure as to whether the four tracks are indeed the whole album or just a sneak preview.

The Songs

Out of the influences mentioned above, Satriani is definitely the most prominent, particularly the work Joe did on 'The Extremist'. Luckily for J.D, I'm a big fan of that album.

The tracks on 'The Essence Of Existence' are very song orientated, rather than a shred fest. Opener 'Firecracker' has an underlying Van Halen-ish riff with Satriani style soloing. 'Over The Top' is aptly named as J.D. cranks it up with a heavier stance in the riff department and some nifty fretboard wizardry.

'Patchouli' takes a much different path with flamenco style finger picking akin to Ottmar Liebert. I'm a sucker for that type of guitar playing and J.D. does a fine job. The song is too short though, only 2 minutes.

Just as you're really getting into it, it's over. 'Yamaya' brings you back to reality with furious riffing similar to Fifth Angel.

In Summary

It's a pity that the CD is only four tracks long as I am impressed by J.D.'s approach to both the song structures and the soloing. I usually find instrumental rock guitarists overbearing, trying to achieve too much in a short space of time. J.D. doesn't suffer from that thankfully and shows plenty of character on 'The Essence Of Existence'.

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