Dreadful Minds - 2002 Lost My Heart [EP]

ARTIST: Dreadful Minds
ALBUM: Lost My Heart
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2002

LINEUP: Holger Weckbach - vocals * Christian Wolf - guitars * Rainer Weckbach - guitars * Jens Freudenberg - bass * Uli Schlegel - keyboards/mix * Mario Stilgenbauer - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Lost In My Heart * 02 The Growing Fear * 03 What You Give Is What You Get


The evolution of Dreadful Minds began in 1992, and soon after their first self-written songs had been done and the first gig performed in 1993. The band released their first demo 'Caught In Illusion' during 1995, selling a few hundred copies.

The next few years saw the band change their musical style, moving towards a melodic metal sound which was first captured on their 1997 demo 'Last Light'. The response from the media for 'Last Light' was very encouraging and confirmed the bands positive feeling for their new melodic metal direction. These thoughts were backed up by successful touring stints with Hate Squad and Molly Hatchet.

In 2000 there was a shakeup in the band and new members were needed. The new lineup is the one we can hear today on the Maxi CD 'Lost In My Heart'.

The band had only a small soundbyte available at their website for the song 'Rising Species' from their 1997 Demo. If that is any representation of where they were in 1997, then they've made a huge improvement to 2002. The production on this Maxi is excellent.

It also seems, and I'm not 100% sure of this, that one of the new personel that came aboard in 2000 was a new vocalist. The reason I say this is that the vocals on 'Rising Species' are very Armored Saint era John Bush, while on 'Lost In Your Heart' they are much more in the melodic rock VEIN. If it has been the same vocalist, then Holger has worked exceedingly hard in the past few years.

The Songs

Things start off very well with the title track 'Lost In Your Heart'. The driving forces on this track are huge drum rolls backed by crunchy guitars and swirling keyboards. Very nice chorus as well.

A wall of guitars and more thumping drums open 'The Growing Fear', then settling into a good melodic hard rock groove with a progressive touch on the keyboards. The final track 'What You Give Is What You Get' reminds me alot of Aussie prog metallers Vanishing Point.

Powered by heavier guitars than the previous tracks, and again a more progressive element. The guitar solo has a Praying Mantis feel.

In Summary

From what little I've heard of the '97 demo, 'Lost In My Heart' seems to be a major improvement. The material is solid, the songs are catchy and keep your attention.

Unlike many German bands they've got a singer without a hint of an accent, and he's a fine one at that. An impressive taster for what should be good things to come from Dreadful Minds in the future.

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