Kaminari - 2002 Kaminari (EP)

ARTIST: Kaminari
ALBUM: Kaminari
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2002

LINEUP: Roland Seidel - vocals * Bernd A. Wick - lead guitar * Jens Ribow - bass * Pascal Vannier - drums * Timo Reichle - guitar

TRACK LISTING: 01 Fire And Dice * 02 My Black Colors * 03 Stairway To The Galaxy * 04 Babylon * 05 Guardian Angel * 06 My Black Colors (radio edit)


One of the most original band names that I've heard for a while. Kaminari is the Japanese word for Thunderstorm (oh, I thought it was a type of squid, Ed), and this band play the type of German heavy rock that the Japanese usually love.

They've also managed to get one of the guys from Primal Fear's crew on their side, which should help them in their quest to find a label.

The Songs

The album, if you can call it that with only 6 tracks, begins well with 'Fire And Dice' incorporating a huge sounding riff and screaming lead work. An impressive start.

'My Black Colors' drops the tempo a bit too soon. This song should have come in at number 4, rather than second song in. An alternative metal sounding number that doesn't really go anywhere unfortunately.

The near disastrous Apollo 13 space mission is the lyrical inspiration for 'Stairway To The Galaxy', a good slab of Victory 'ish heavy rock with quite a catchy chorus. Another ballsy rocker is up next. Driven by an early Gotthard style riff 'Babylon' keeps the fire burning.

These guys definitely know how to write big, crunchy metal riffs and 'Guardian Angel' is no exception with it's heavy metal boogie feel and another catchy chorus. Some cool lead breaks are on offer as well.

The final track is a radio edit version of the albums weakest track 'My Black Colors'. I don't see the point of these kind of tracks. I would rather hear another original, and I'm sure prospective labels would feel the same way.

In Summary

Kaminari have some good songs on their debut album (EP), but the vocals of Roland Seidel are perhaps the area that need to improve the most for the band to attract a decent label. He is a good singer, but I get the impression that the songs could have sounded better if there was more passion in the vocals. From what I've heard Roland has the ability, he just needs to deliver more conclusively.

Also, the band need to concentrate more on the style of tracks such as 'Stairway To The Galaxy', rather than including average material such as 'My Black Colors'. I don't think slower songs are their forte.

Kaminari are at their best when they're rocking hard. With some grooming and polishing Kaminari could make a dent in the hard rock scene, but at present they may get lost among all the others.

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