Greenslade - 2002 Live 2001

ARTIST: Greenslade
ALBUM: Live 2001
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2002

LINEUP: Dave Greenslade - keyboards * Tony Reeves - bass * John Trotter - drums * John Young - keyboards, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Cakewalk * 02 Feathered Friends * 03 Catalan * 04 No Room-But A View * 05 Large Afternoon * 06 Sundance * 07 Wherever I Go * 08 On Suite * 09 In The Night * 10 Bedside Manners Are Extra * 11 Joie De Vivre * 12 Spirit Of The Dance


In the mid 90's when Dave Greenslade was touring Europe with the re-formed Colloseum, he was often asked when his band Greenslade would return. Obviously there was still a lot of interest out there even though it had been many years since the last album.

In 2000, Dave teamed up with Tony Reeves (Greenslade's original bassist), ex-Manfred Mann's Earth Band drummer John Trotter and top session man John Young on keys and vocals and a new Greenslade was born. The resulting album, entitled 'Large Afternoon' was well received. The next obvious step to mark the band's return was to take to the road.

This CD was recorded in Rotherham, UK, for the Classic Rock Society in February 2001 and, in my opinion, it captures the band in rather good form. When I first played the CD, I thought it sounded like a bootleg as it's very warts-and-all sounding. To my mind, that's how live albums should be.

I really hate post-production 'cleaning up' on most live albums, it takes away the real atmosphere.

The Songs

So, the music. 'Cakewalk' is a pompy instrumental with full-on keys, setting the mood for the next 70 minutes or so. 'Feathered Friends' (originally from the 1973 self-titled album) sees John Young in fine voice. I think he's a great vocalist and the arrangement here really helps to highlight that.

'Catalan' is an extended instrumental piece, originally featured on the 'Time and Tide' album. It provides a platform for Tony Reeves to show off his bass skills - he must've been fascinating to watch on the night.

'No Room But A View' is almost a pop song by Greenslade standards. With another top vocal performance from JY and jazzy piano fills, it's one of my recommendations from this album.

Also on the more commercial side is 'Wherever I Go', which sounds like it was tailor-made for JY's voice. Also featured are old Greenslade numbers like 'Bedside Manners Are Extra' (from the album of the same name), 'Joie De Vivre' and 'Spirit of the Dance' (both from 'Spyglass Guest') - all of which sound like crowd pleasers.

In Summary

I'm fairly new to Greenslade and enjoyed most of this CD. With that in mind, there's hope the band could find more converts in the near future. If you're into the pompier end of the scale, check this out.

For the rest of you who are already fans, this should provide a worthwhile purchase and trip down memory lane. It definitely sounds like it was a great night out. Who knows - maybe you were there.

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