Fleischman, Robert - 2002 World In Your Eyes

ARTIST: Fleischman, Robert
ALBUM: World In Your Eyes
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2002

LINEUP: Robert Fleischman - vocals * Josh Ramos - guitars * Marvin Sperling - guitars * Richie Onori - drums * Edward Roth - keyboards * Kelly Hansen - keyboards, guitars, backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 World In Your Eyes * 02 Heaven To Me * 03 The Crush * 04 Words Aren't Enough * 05 Over My Head * 06 Look At The Dream * 07 Only Room For One * 08 I Can't Sleep At Night * 09 Just One Kiss * 10 Walking On Fire


For most of you, Robert Fleischman is best remembered as AOR's 'nearly man'. In the late '70s he joined Journey, wrote a bunch of songs, played a few shows and was then replaced by Steve Perry.

His stint with the Vinnie Vincent Invasion was similarly short-lived. After squealing his way through their self-titled debut, he was replaced by Mark Slaughter.

To be fair, though, there is more to the Robert Fleischman story. He formed his own band, Channel, who cut an album in '84 and his solo album 'Perfect Strangers' (1979) is highly regarded by many.

He was also a staff writer at Almo Publishing, so you could never accuse him of being work-shy. It's been a while, for sure, but the man is back with 'World In Your Eyes'.

It's a very 'by-numbers' affair (but when was the last time this kind of AOR was original?) and Fleischman's voice still has a quirk which may not agree with everyone, but it's not without a couple of high points.

The Songs

The mid-paced 'Heaven To Me' has all the usual ingredients - stabbing keys and a big chorus (which, in my opinion, still could have been bigger). I'm sure Fleischman can write stuff like this in his sleep by now, but it seems he realises that these are the kind of songs people expect from him.

The song's best moment is undoubtedly the guitar solo from The Storm's Josh Ramos, whose playing is brilliant, as always. 'The Crush' is much punchier and the chorus is one of this album's best. Fleischman's voice is a little smoother here, or perhaps, by this point, I've grown more accustomed to it. This is a great song.

The staccato rhythm guitar part on 'Words Aren't Enough' is another example of cliched musical ideas that still manage (somehow) to be good every time you hear them and here, again, Ramos plays like a hero.

The same can be said of 'I Can't Sleep At Night' which is the kind of standard AOR you have heard a thousand times over. It still sounds appealing.

In Summary

The fact that this man has written hundreds of songs over the years and was a key factor in steering the Journey automobile away from Santana city and into 'whoah-oah na na na' town speaks volumes.

I'll always respect him for that, but the fact is that 'World In Your Eyes' is just another in an endless sea of melodic rock releases which will never set the world on fire, despite some great moments.

I'm sure some of you will agree, even though today's melodic rock can be very good, they just don't make 'em like they did back in 1985. Regardless of what I think, you're all going to go and buy this anyway, right?'

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