Enchant - 2002 Blink Of An Eye

ARTIST: Enchant
ALBUM: Blink Of An Eye
LABEL: Inside Out
YEAR: 2002

LINEUP: Ted Leonard - vocals * Douglas A. Ott - guitar, keyboards * Ed Platt - bass * Sean Flanegan - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Under Fire * 02 Monday * 03 Seeds Of Hate * 04 Flat Line * 05 Follow The Sun * 06 Ultimate Gift * 07 My Everafter * 08 Invisible * 09 Despciable * 10 Prognosis (DigiPak-Bonus)


Way back in the last century - 1993 to be precise - Enchant released their debut album, 'A Blueprint of the World'.

The album stood head and shoulders above most other proggy things from that time with it's great songs and arrangements and solid production job from Steve Rothery, between Marillion projects.

1996's 'Wounded' capitalised further on the debut's strengths and presented the band with a much tougher sound. Their third album, 'Break', was praised by the press and fans alike, but it would be their fourth, 'Juggling 9 Or Dropping 10' which would be hailed as the Enchant masterpiece.

How could they hope to match the all-round greatness of that album? You'll be pleased to know that 'Blink Of An Eye' is a worthy successor. It has all the qualities which made 'Juggling 9' so appealing - most notably the song structures, which seem more concerned with accessible melodies, rather than going down the well-trodden path of prog rock self-indulgence. Most of the pieces here clock in around an easily digestable six minutes.

The Songs

Some musical high points: 'Ultimate Gift' has one of Ted's best ever vocal performances and a rather pleasing rhythm guitar part which I think gives a nod of approval to Alex Lifeson.

'Follow The Sun' makes excellent use of an acoustic based arrangement and a simple but effective keyboard riff. The end result is great; it's not at all trite like most rock ballads and should please all but the most difficult of Enchant's fans.

It cements my long-standing belief that for a prog based outfit, Enchant have many AOR style elements. I've always felt that it's these elements in the band's sound that should help them to reach a larger audience than some of their peers.

For the more traditionalist prog heads among you, the main riff during 'Invisible' with it's excellent use of stops, will definitely be of appeal - though once again, the use of stabbing keys reminds me of some more AOR/pomp based bands. This number in particular comes with some of Doug Ott's finest soloing.

In Summary

Fans of 'Break' and 'Juggling 9 Or Dropping 10' should find plenty to enjoy here. On the strength of their last couple of albums and the fact that I feel Enchant is a band with cross-over potential, they've more than cemented their place in the progressive rock scene.

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