Dead Soul Tribe - 2002 Dead Soul Tribe

ARTIST: Dead Soul Tribe
ALBUM: Dead Soul Tribe
LABEL: Inside Out
YEAR: 2002

LINEUP: Devon Graves - vocals, guitars * Volker Wilschko - guitars * Roland Ivens - bass * Adel Moustapha - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Powertrip * 02 Coming Down * 03 Anybody There? * 04 The Haunted * 05 The Drowning Machine * 06 You * 07 Under the Weight Of My Stone * 08 Once * 09 One Bullet * 10 Empty * 11 Cry For Tomorrow * 12 Into. * 13 Into the Spiral Cathedral


This is the new offering from one-time Psychotic Waltz frontman Buddy Lackey, this time going under the guise of Devon Graves. It's quite heavy but also quite melodic.

It's difficult to strike a good balance between the two, though it's possible, as bands like Vergosmelot and Double Drive proved not so long ago.

As always with this kind of thing, the most intense offering gets put at the front of the album.

The Songs

This album is no exception, as 'Powertrip' proves. It has a sledge-hammer quality with it's distorted vocals and White Zombie -esque movie samples. The Megadeth inspired guitar solo is rather nifty mind you.

'Comin' Down' is superb and I defy anyone to suggest otherwise. Right from the start with its off-kilter drumming, this is a winner. It's very similar to some of the stuff by A Perfect Circle and the stuff from Tool's last album, the excellent 'Lateralus'.

'The Haunted' and 'The Drowning Machine' are best compared to Maraya with their dark feel and groove-laden riffs. For the record, I played this CD to my friend who is a huge Maraya fan and he flipped. The riffs have a slightly de-tuned feel to them (like most of the harder-edged stuff from recent years).

But unlike most, Dead Soul Tribe manage to capture some of the qualities and spirit of older rock music.

'Once' with its up-front bass sound and huge vocal could be Queensryche during their 'Hear In the Now Frontier' period, though that said, the similarities to Maraya are once again very obvious.

To me, it loses out to 'Comin' Down' for the position of the best song on this album, but I imagine most of you will choose this as the album's stand-out track. In an unpredictable move, 'Empty' is a bouncy, acoustic track with Jethro Tull inspired flute playing.

More in keeping with the Dead Soul Tribe sound, however, is 'Cry For Tomorrow' with a cool circular guitar riff. It reminds me (slightly) of Double Drive and I think it'll probably be a monster when it gets played live.

In Summary

Dead Soul Tribe's brand of Austrian melodic metal may not appeal to all of you, but for those of you leaning towards the heavier end of things then you should check this one out.

Rest assured though people, it's far more tuneful than 'Remedy Lane', the new album by Pain Of Salvation.

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