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ARTIST: Tubes, The
ALBUM: Tubes World Tour
LABEL: CMC International (USA), Sanctuary (UK)
SERIAL: 06076 86300-2, SANCD007
YEAR: 2000

LINEUP: Fee Waybill - vocals * David Medd - vocals * Gary Cambra - guitars, keyboards * Roger Steen - guitars * Roger Anderson - bass * Prairie Prince, Trey Sabatelli - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Introduction * 02 Tubes World Tour * 03 Shes A Beauty * 04 Digidoll * 05 TV Is King * 06 Don't Touch Me There * 07 Tip Of My Tongue * 08 Loveline * 09 Wild Women Of Wongo * 10 Mondo Bondage * 11 White Punks On Dope * 12 Talk To Ya Later


An American institution are San Fransisco's The Tubes. With many albums to their credit, hit singles, and a stage show which is unrivalled, the band are still going strong nearly twenty five years after first gracing our turntables. This time around they add a few new bods to the lineup, continuing the legacy, but at the same time breathing new life into the band.

At the forefront still is Fee Waybill, who took time out from the band in 1985 when things were apparently becoming a little bit too cruisy for his liking. Obviously a man with a flair for the dramatic, and a presence of mind for the occasion.

The Songs

The live CD performance is hilarious, which is as per normal from this outrageous band. Containing all their classic hits, in a show that best resembles a cross between The Rocky Horror Picture Show and a Theater Musical. You wouldn't exepct anything less from this class live act. You name it, it's here.

'Talk To Ya Later', 'She's A Beauty', 'Digidoll', 'Wild Women Of Wongo', 'Mondo Bondage' (where do they dream these names up??), plus their two biggest earlier hits 'White Punks On Dope' and 'Don't Touch Me There'.

In Summary

It's nice to see the team back in action, and though the band is touring throughout Western parts of the USA, there's no studio album in sight as yet. Knowing these guys, it will be a matter of impeccable timing which only The Tubes can pull off.

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