Anatomic - 2000 In For The Thrill

ARTIST: Anatomic
ALBUM: In For The Thrill
LABEL: Suspect Recordings
YEAR: 2000

LINEUP: Ryan Freedman - vocals, rhythm guitars * Johnny Rowland - lead and rhythm guitars * Jason Michael Eldridge - drums, percussion * J.J. Goncz - bass

TRACK LISTING: 01 Until You're Gone * 02 Drift Away * 03 Deep End * 04 Out Of My Heart * 05 Make It Real * 06 Goodbye Today * 07 Livin' A Lie * 08 Hate To Say Goodbye * 09 The Price * 10 Power Of The Heart * 11 Make It Real (Acoustic)


Despite adopting a new edgier name, Shy Tiger's metamorphis into Anatomic proves nothing has really changed.

The Bay Area band gained opening slots for Bon Jovi and Night Ranger and sold respectable numbers of their debut CD 'Feed The Kitty' with a high energy brand of melodic hard rock, and if that album did it for you, then there's an excellent chance 'In For The Thrill' will hit the right buttons again.

The Songs

A strong Def Leppard influence shines through on powerful opener 'Until Your Gone' with some humungous gang vocals, whilst the poppier 'Drift Away' is more akin to the likes of Bon Jovi circa '7800 Degrees' era.

Even though it's enjoyable stuff, I'm still a little confused as to why the band changed names, as the band's sound hasn't changed dramatically. The riff-driven 'Deep End' quickens the pace somewhat, but along with 'Living A Lie' is one of the album's weaker tracks with its rock by numbers approach.

However, that doesn't mean 'In For The Thrill' is made up of such tunes, as the band is at its best when they revert to the more melodic tunes in their repertoire, such as 'Goodbye Today', the anthemic 'Power Of The Heart' and the excellent ballad, 'Make It Real' (which as an extra bonus, is represented in both its electric and acoustic versions).

In Summary

Overall, it's clear that Anatomic has sensibly tried to create an individual sound on 'In For The Thrill' and the result is an album of enjoyable melodic rock as perfected by Bon Jovi, Firehouse and Def Leppard.

It's not in that league, and probably won't get Anatomic signed to a major label, but will at least ensure the band a loyal following and healthy sales.

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