Flying Blind - 2000 Push

ARTIST: Flying Blind
LABEL: Republic/Universal
SERIAL: 440 013 368-2
YEAR: 2000

LINEUP: Matt Brown - vocals * Keith Cole - guitars * Jeff Green - guitars * Andrew Franca - bass * Scott Beck - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Pony * 02 Chocalte Covered Secrets * 03 Smokescreen * 04 Leave * 05 Somebody Else * 06 Western September Sky * 07 Paralyzed * 08 Let Me In * 09 The Pain Of It * 10 Walk Of Shame * 11 Work So Hard * 12 Love Konnection


California rockers Flying Blind admit in their own liner notes that they are an honest, generous bunch. As hardworking as the day is long, they only live to perform and write songs for us. Well, they have also been good enough to let their moniker unintentionally sum up the general idea about their atrocious debut CD 'Push'.

As one of the most disjointed, clueless albums I have heard in a long time, the irony of this name is not lost on me, nor should it escape you if your ears are unfortunate enough to be subjected to 'Push' for a sustained length of time.

Attempting to deliver the kind of alternative, gritty rock in which a band like the Stereophonics do much, much better, Flying Blind are literally doing just that; lacking ideas, direction and ultimately good songs.

The Songs

Apart from the most obvious question of 'How on earth did these guys get a major record deal?' the other burning issue has to be how 'Smokescreen' was released as a single. Truly forgettable in terms of melodic appeal, it is instantly memorable in the lyrics department for all the wrong reasons.

Surely in a brand new century, it's a reasonable request to not hear such trite and frankly lazy lines as: 'She's got me on my knees/begging baby baby please' or the equally as bad 'I think she's mad at me/I don't know why/maybe because I made her cry'.

Where Flying Blind is concerned, it would seem not, and even by this point it seems logical that the next album the guys do should be purely instrumental.

Whilst they don't fare too much better in the lyric department, the energetic, and semi-likeable opening pair of 'Pony' and 'Chocolate Covered Secrets' (that's a genuine song title by the way) might have been a better choice for first single.

However as the rest of the album reveals itself as a cacophony of mass confusion and mediocrity, it becomes a purely academic argument anyway, as there's not really another contender for a second single among the remaining tracks. There's plenty of invention and experimentation on songs like 'Let Me In' and the funky 'Pain Of It All'.

In Summary

But paired with a general lack of melody and lyrical incompetence, Flying Blind's music becomes as unpalatable and half-baked as a plate of week-old aeroplane food.

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