Isaacs, David - 2000 Timebomb

ARTIST: Isaacs, David
ALBUM: Timebomb
LABEL: FTG Records
YEAR: 2000

LINEUP: David Isaacs - lead and backing vocals, tambourine * Chris Horvarth - guitars, mellotron, keyboards * Matt Laug - drums, shakers * Nick Vincent - drums * Ian Mayo, Lance Morrison, Mark Harris - bass * Joey Cathcart - acoustic and slide guitar * John Flannery - baritone guitar * Bruce Watson - slide guitar

TRACK LISTING: 01 Timebomb * 02 Waterfall * 03 Watching From The Moon * 04 Come Back Home * 05 All We Are * 06 I'll Be Waiting Here For You * 07 Marigold * 08 When It Rains * 09 Goodbye To You * 10 Just A Little More Time * 11 Haunting Me * 12 Little Angel * 13 Paper Doll


With a CV boasting collaborations with such luminaries as Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and even Poison, David Isaacs has spent the majority of his career making noteworthy contributions to the music industry whilst standing on the edge of it.

Now, after the success of his material on indy website, the release of his debut solo album 'Timebomb' should see David Isaacs make the transition from the periphery to the centre with relative ease. Why? Because a record and artist as good as this shouldn't linger on the fringes for too long.

The Songs

From the opening bars of the title track to the closing strains of 'Paper Doll', the incredibly seductive melodies had me floored. The material is a blend of polished melodic pop/rock with a distinctly modern feel that becomes even more captivating because of Isaacs' incredible voice.

Accented with great organ and drum work, the soulful opener 'Timebomb' sets the standard for the rest of the disc by fusing traditional Tom Petty and Beatles influences into a modern and vital sound.

'Waterfall' follows hot on the heels and is a jaunty slice of jangly, catchy pop with some jaw dropping guitar work to finish off. This was the first fruits of the partnership between David and co-producer Chris Horvarth and left me reaching for the repeat button.. repeatedly. But then that's a common problem with 'Timebomb'. Highlight follows highlight with unbelievable ease.

The pure pop poignancy of 'Watching From The Moon', with its lush orchestral and keyboard touches, and the sweeping brilliance of 'All We Are' initially jostled for position as best song, until I heard the truly stunning 'Come Back Home'.

Then attentions turn to the catchy strains of 'I'll Be Waiting here For You' and the equally memorable upbeat pop of 'Goodbye To You'. By now, the phrase 'kid in a candy store' comes to mind. David has assembled a great bunch of players on 'Timebomb', including Matt Laug and Nick Vincent on drums, and, interestingly enough, ex Nelson band member Joey Cathcart contributes guitar and a co-write.

Indeed, this disc is probably one of the most fluidly melodic and strong-in-every-department records I have had the pleasure of hearing since Nelson's 1999 classic 'Life'. But still there's more.

The crisp, clear production of Horvarth and studio skills of Talley Sherwood are showcased on 'When It Rains' along with some great shimmery guitar which characterises many of the songs on display.

David's voice, so impressive almost everywhere, really shines on the breezy, rocking pair of 'Marigold' and 'Just A Little More Time' while closer 'Paper Doll' leaves you feeling pleasantly stuffed full of melody, great arrangements and performances by the album's end.

In Summary

Clever, expertly crafted and perfectly executed pop-rock like this doesn't come along very often and when it does, it's best not to get in involved in discussions about how singer songwriters are sometimes difficult to categorise.

With 'Timebomb', there's no need to worry about such difficulties. Just mark it 'essential' and leave the rest to a perfect union between your ears and your CD player. With any luck, and if people truly get what they deserve, 'Timebomb' will spectacularly explode and give David Isaacs, rather than those he has worked with in the past, all the attention and acclaim.

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