CC Rock - 2007 CC Rock [ep]

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LABEL: Zink Music
YEAR: 2007

LINEUP: Anssi Alatalo, Peter Lundin - guitars * Arthur Anderson - vocals * Mikael Baden - bass * Magnus Thorn - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Wanna Feel Like The First Time * 02 The Best I Can * 03 Angel * 04 Dreamer * 05 My Special Lady * 06 Dreamer (Edit)

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Featured recently in our News section is Swedish melodic rockers CC Rock. These guys have delivered a seriously good dose of music that any fan of Swedish AOR, let alone pop or glam should be proud to have in their collection. Let's wind the clock back a bit first, because appearances can be deceiving.

Initially, CC Rock was the duo of Anssi Alatalo and Peter Lundin - both guitarists. They were fortunate enough to acquire the assistance of Patrik Tibell and Roger Ljunggren - both former members of the band T-Bell of whom you might remember from the year 2000. Ljunggren has also played with Grand Illusion. This quartet were responsible for all of the material, the singer and rhythm section all joining the band after the event.

The Songs

CC Rock has released two versions of their EP. One in the Japanese market which was released in February 2007 - and consists of a different sixth track 'One Reason Why'. The other more recent version with the track listing shown below, came out in May 2007 with a general release into all markets.

The songs are fantastic. The opener 'Wanna Feel Like The First Time' makes for some killer sugary rock with choruses. and when they mention in the lyrics about 'take me back to the glory days again' - I can't help feel a little bit of pride.. (I'll get over it.).

The multi-stacked vocals take center-stage again 'The Best I Can', the whole thing an energetic and infectious affair. Check out the massive refrain on 'Angel', complete with a faster paced tempo on the verses.

Again, more infectious melodies abound. Two versions of 'Dreamer' are onboard the second version of this EP, the overall tune is awesome and 'repeat-playable'. Notwithstanding the excitable riffs generated on 'My Special Lady' - where guitars and vocals duel all over the show.

In Summary

Check out some of the tunes on their MySpace page. Expect to hear more from CC Rock in the future. Sweden really is the place where it's all happening in terms of this style of melodic rock.

With recent efforts by The Poodles and forthcoming goodies from Work Of Art among others, it will pay to keep an eye and ear on developments in the wintery north. In the meantime, pick this little beauty up (check their website), and celebrate a summery, sugary musical delight.

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