Linehouse - 2007 First Love EP

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ARTIST: Linehouse
ALBUM: First Love (EP)
LABEL: Linehouse Records
YEAR: 2007
SPONSOR: Jonas Ohlund

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: image image
LINEUP: Niklas Dernebo - all vocals * Jonas Ohlund - all instruments, programming, backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 First Love * 02 Stormrider * 03 Breath Beneath You

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'First Love' is the debut EP offering from Swedish duo Linehouse. The pairing of Niklas Dernebo and Jonas Ohlund originate from the north-eastern coastal town of Sundsvall, and they are playing in a style that mixes The Outfield and Icehouse 80's era with modern production values.

The pair do cite a lot of 80's hard rock influences on their myspace page, but to these ears, they don't come out in the musical wash. Ohlund has had the most experience of the two, playing with the band Pride back in the 90's. Bjorn Lodin from the band Baltimoore has lent Linehouse his recording and engineering experience.

The Songs

He handles the mixing and mastering duties. Lead off track 'First Love' takes us back to the 80's, with insistent synth sequences dominating the soundscape (perhaps too much).

A similar musical motif is displayed on 'Stormrider'. Both the songs presented thus far have a commercial pop appeal - and less to do with guitar based hard rock.

The last of the trio 'Breath Through You' presents a harder sound, with the guitars up in the mix. The familiar synth motif/sequence reappears again.

In Summary

At this early stage of their history, Linehouse have pushed these three songs out into the public domain. You can hear them all on their myspace page, or you can contact the band and request a copy of the EP at a small price.

As for the future, my guess is that the duo will continue writing, so you'll need to check into their website to check up on developments. A good start, but we'll be in a better position to assess their output when we've got more material to listen to.

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