Treason - 2000 Code Of Silence

ARTIST: Treason
ALBUM: Code Of Silence
LABEL: Treason Productions
YEAR: 2000

LINEUP: Jason Saunders - vocals * Karl Haug - guitars * Jim Dixon - bass * Ted Stockwell - keyboards * Peter Stern - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Last Stand * 02 Cycles * 03 Supercool * 04 Spinning * 05 State Of Grace * 06 Deff Bendir * 07 Kali Ma * 08 Holy Water * 09 Visual * 10 Cold Tears * 11 Lethal (Bonus Track)


Treason, a mix of new age melodic rock with a feel of the old 70's and 80's, mainly the Jon Lord type keyboard work. This being their second album but I think with the line up change of vocalist Jason Saunders, and the duration in between, we might as well treat this as their first album.

The mention of Heart's Ann Wilson sowed a number of presumptions that were ill placed I think. The one track she sings on is very much a 'Treason with Ann Wilson' track, the rest of the album is a mix of grunge meets the new and the old with plenty of melody mixed in for good measure.

The Songs

The vocals by Jason Saunders has a strong presence, combining savvy grunge and melodic roughness, but I'm still not sure whether I quite bond with it, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Strong also is the keyboard and production presence of Ted Stockwell. Lyrics by the acclaimed songwriter Sue Ennis adds a refreshing amount attention to the lyrical content that all to often seem to suffer these days.

In Summary

Treason demonstrates that they are a band of substance, where emotion and melody meet at the crossroads of past and present. An album much more likely to appeal after repeated listenings rather than the first time airing means that this is more than superficial music.

Well worth a listen, and well worth keeping an eye on too. Treason could easily prove to be a real surprise just as much as they could betray and fade into oblivion.

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