Satriani, Joe - 2000 Engines Of Creation

ARTIST: Satriani, Joe
ALBUM: Engines Of Creation
SERIAL: 497665 2
YEAR: 2000

LINEUP: Joe Satriani - guitars, keyboards, programming * Eric Caudieux - keyboards, bass, programming

TRACK LISTING: 01 Devil's Slide * 02 Flavor Crystal 7 * 03 Borg Sex * 04 Until We Say Goodbye * 05 Attack * 06 Champagne * 07 Clouds Race Across The Sky * 08 The Power Cosmic 2000-Part I * 09 The Power Cosmic 2000-Part II * 10 Slow and Easy * 11 Engines of Creation


I lost touch with this guy a few years back and thought that this might be a good chance to catch up. Glad I did.

The Songs

Bald (hair) Joe starts off with a solid pumping track, a very techno machine rhythm/feel with melodic guitar lines and a choppy riff chorus flowing over the top of the drum and bass line. Definitely some Trance techno themes here, nothing too hardcore but plenty of technology, machines, unusual beats and synth work.

A forward-looking sound without losing that melodic interest. In a typical Satriani theme, the album is completely instrumental, one wonders how long they will have to wait till we hear one of these tracks as a sports or holiday program theme. He's obviously lost none of his inventiveness that made him such a trademark in the past, technically it's hard to fault him.

The album is nice and varied, a good mix of fast synth/techno guitar work and some solid guitar explorations, time changes, variations and diversions, always of course covered by immaculate fretwork. A couple of slower blues-feel tracks soften the techno feel nicely.

If you are looking for faults then maybe there are just two. Perhaps a few of the tracks need to deliver a little bit more hard guitar work, in places there is room for it to be mixed in.

Tracks that peak maybe need to 'boil over' to add a touch of freedom and spontaneity to the tracks, to help them move away from that phased/chorus sound that Joe always seems to prefer, and get rid of the technical premeditation that threatens to sterilise some of the tracks.

In Summary

I wonder what would happen if Joe concentrated solely on his composition, I believe he is a great composer as well as a great guitarist and wonder if some of these tracks could sound even better with something else other than the guitar at the helm. We will wait and see.

Overall a great progressive album, lots of talent and variation; not a typical AOR album but something most guitar fans will find of value and enjoyment.

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