Angel, Julian - 2000

ARTIST: Angel, Julian
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2000

LINEUP: Julian Angel - vocals, all instruments

TRACK LISTING: 01 Rock Survivor * 02 Only Lonely Baby Fire * 03 Push Up Your Love * 04 Never Forget * 05 Angry Young Man * 06 Stay Here Forever * 07 Keep The Fire Burnin' * 08 Midnite, Heartache * 09 Tokyo Nights * 10 When The Night Comes Down * 11 Stick To Your Guns * 12 Instarmental (bonus)


Julian Angel, guitarist, entrepreneur, mixing engineer and much more, his album shows what commitment and dedication can achieve. This offering comes across as 'the history so far' containing a number of rock ballads and other rock songs covering a wide range of styles from 'glam rock' to true 'AOR' with the odd pop touch in there too.

The album offers an insight to Julian's musical aspirations, strongly orientated in the AOR category, there is a fair share of good guitar work and a rich flow of keyboards. The guitar is a tad on the light side and the vocals are not quite Steve Perry.

Commendable however, all the tracks are sung in English and except for the odd translation and pronunciation they come across well. (I would ask how many of us could deliver vocals in a second language)

The Songs

'Midnight Heartache' and 'Tokyo Nights' highlight the creative songwriting with time changes and good melodies and catchy choruses. Playing most of the instruments and putting it all together however still can't replicate that 'band' sound and in many places ends up sounding like a mosaic just waiting to blossom into a real heartfelt track.

In Summary

There are many places in this offering that are just a few steps away from becoming real gems. I would like to see Julian concentrate on his guitar work and get into an AOR band. Then we would be in for a real treat. Till then I'm quite happy to spin this on the deck.

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