Bigelf - 2000 Money Machine

ARTIST: Bigelf
ALBUM: Money Machine
LABEL: Record Heaven
YEAR: 2000

LINEUP: A H M Butler-Jones - vocals, guitars * Damon Fox - vocals, keyboards, bass * Steve Frothingham - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Money Machine * 02 Sellout * 03 Neuropsychopathic Eye * 04 Side Effects * 05 (Another) Nervous Breakdown * 06 Mindbender * 07 Ironheel * 08 Death Walks Behind You * 09 The Bitter End


With a strong 70's sound, Bigelf storm onto the scene with their album 'Money Machine'. A massive sound for a three piece, short sharp riffs, tortured dwarf vocals (sorry that must be tortured Elf vocals) and plenty of drums create a sinister and dark sound that is reminiscent of early Black Sabbath, Budgie and Uriah Heep but with more melody and depth.

The Songs

All the lyrics seem to deal with going mad in one form or another (but in a most entertaining way) and a few tracks build very nicely to a mad frenzy just to confirm this. It's an album not lacking a bit of humour and that's always good to see, nothing worse than a totally serious band.

A good mix, with quite a lot of heavy melodic guitar work, Jon Lord style organ and somewhat satirical lyrics, plenty of variation and even a good hint of the good old Beatles, all blended together well with a nice modern 'new millennium' production.

Highlights include the seven-minute title and first track 'Money Machine', a solid song that gets harder and faster as it progresses. The very Beatles like 'Side Effect' and the 'Bitter End' which is as close as they get to a ballad.

The music is quite developed, plenty of technical variation and experimentation, capturing the style and essence of the 70's rock scene without sounding like a mere cover band, all the while still being able to offer a new twist on what is now a 'foundation' sound.

In Summary

A good album, quite pleasing on the first listening and gets better the more you listen to it. Well worth a look.

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