Dark Sky - 2000 Believe It

ARTIST: Dark Sky
ALBUM: Believe It
LABEL: Good Life Records
YEAR: 2000

LINEUP: Frank Breuninger - vocals * Ashes - guitars * Winny Zurek - bass * Uwe Mayer - drums * Claudio Nobile - keyboards

TRACK LISTING: 01 Rock Me * 02 Stay Young * 03 Masih Ada Rindy * 04 In The Name Of God * 05 Pray For The World * 06 On And On * 07 Magna Quaedam Spectare * 08 Gimme A Try * 09 Believe It * 10 Tell Me Why * 11 Jane * 12 Living In Paradise * 13 Call Me * 14 Eternity


From Germany, Dark Sky represent the latest of millennium AOR. This is good quality AOR, acoustic mixes, slow intros, plenty of keyboards and great catchy guitar work. In places capturing a Journey like feel and on others they are very reminiscent of their compatriots The Scorpions.

With it's anthem like keyboards and sweeping guitars, there's a little bit of Europe on here too, but Dark Sky is more than a cover band playing other bands tunes. So we shouldn't really compare names here, as this is strong enough to stand on it's own and it has just about all it needs to be a great AOR album.

The album recorded in 1999 and released in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore back then, includes 'Masih Ada Rindu' a track sung in Malaysian. Fourteen tracks in total, showing a diverse range of styles which they are able to perform, including an instrumental and the standard ballad.

Even though this is their first release, they have obviously been working away on great melodic rock music for a fair while. The end result is a polished and quality album, but with a few hard found faults.

The Songs

Perhaps in the lyrics then. A little contrived with 'Gimme A Try' all about un-employment (yawn) and 'Pray For The World' about world peace (god forbid). But the spirit is there, and I dread to think how hard it must be to write/translate and sing in a foreign language and get it to sound just right. The track 'Rock Me' is very 'Final Countdown' ish a la Europe, but sounds great nonetheless.

In Summary

Dark Sky is a bright new light (excuse the pun) on the scene. Mature in sound and with their hearts firmly based on the true spirit of AOR with melody galore. 'Believe It' represents a solid starting point for a band with great potential, well worth discovering.

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