Halford - 2000 Resurrection

ARTIST: Halford
ALBUM: Resurrection
LABEL: Metal-Is Records
YEAR: 2000
CD REISSUE: 2009, Metal God, MGE7077150

LINEUP: Rob Halford - vocals * Patrick Lachman - guitars * Mike Chlasciak - guitars * Ray Riendeau - bass * Bobby Jarzombek - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Resurrection * 02 Made In Hell * 03 Locked And Loaded * 04 Night Fall * 05 Silent Screams * 06 The One You Love To Hate * 07 Cyberworld * 08 Slow Down * 09 Twist * 10 Temptation * 11 Drive * 12 Saviour


With a blood curdling scream Rob Halford resurrects himself with an album that is unadulterated pure heavy metal, the title track rips in to it in true Judas Priest fashion with a fast riff laden simple statement - Rob is back.

Great fast punchy riffs from two guitars along with Robs great vocals creates a clean sharp sound, no demonic growling vocals here, you can hear what the lyrics are. With his usual massive range that stays in tune and adds that melodic element to what is without a doubt a vicious sounding voice.

The Songs

Highlights include 'Silent Screams', a great power track starting with a mellow acoustic intro that builds steadily to full power, great time changes as well. Also a 'duet' with Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden fame 'The one You Love To Hate' complete with interesting lyrics.

Rob's obviously had a bit of hard time lately since the end of Priest and opening up to his sexuality amongst other things and many of the lyrics reflect this with some pretty strong comments. This just adds to the depth of the songs because it catches a lot of the true emotions.

In Summary

A well-balanced album and a great return to form, doing what he does best with a great support crew. This is not just a Judas Priest rehash but a good modern piece of metal in a classic and well executed method.

The only thing missing is the anthem like track towards the end of the album like Priest used to do a la 'Heavy Duty' but then again it's not a JP album and we're all well past the anthem tracks now anyway. If you love real metal, specifically 80's metal then this is for you young boys, enjoy this.

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