Iron Maiden - 2000 Brave New World

ARTIST: Iron Maiden
ALBUM: Brave New World
LABEL: EMI (UK), Columbia/ Portrait (USA)
SERIAL: 7243 5 26605 2 0, CK 62208
YEAR: 2000

LINEUP: Bruce Dickinson - vocals * Dave Murray - guitars * Adrian Smith - guitars * Janick Gers - guitars * Steve Harris - bass, keyboards * Nicko Mc Brain - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 The Wicker Man * 02 Ghost Of The Navigator * 03 Brave New World * 04 Blood Brothers * 05 The Mercenary * 06 Dream Of Mirrors * 07 The Fallen Angel * 08 The Nomad * 09 Out Of The Silent Planet * 10 The Thin Line Between Love And Hate


Another band from the great 80's back with famed vocalist Bruce Dickinson and a third guitarist Janick Gers. Not that you would know, soundings very much like the old Maiden and obviously not quite brave enough to do too much in the way of the new, an album squarely aimed at existing fans rather than attracting new ones.

The Songs

In the music department Maiden have definitely developed from the simple tracks of the past, the three guitars offer plenty of scope and don't disappoint with catchy riffs, time changes and acoustic interludes.

Production is also very good and a touch of keyboards add the bit of depth that was probably needed a few albums back. (keyboards on a Iron Maiden album? who would have thought it, what next?)

In Summary

Keeping what I always termed the 'medieval' touch, this is a classic Maiden-sounding album with some good songs and some great music. Sadly there are lots of good tracks but no really great ones, in places the tracks are a tad similar and in other places a bit too long and repetitive.

Iron Maiden makes it into the new millennium but only just. Maybe not offering quite enough. But still what they do offer is quality heavy metal complete with a worthy pedigree from the metal daze of the 80's.

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