Lucifer Was - 2000 In Anadi's Bower

ARTIST: Lucifer Was
ALBUM: In Anadi's Bower
LABEL: Record Heaven
YEAR: 2000

LINEUP: Jon Ruder - vocals * Dag Stenseng - flutes, vocals * Thore Engen - guitars * Einar Bruu - bass * Kei Frilseth - drums, percussion * Knut Johannessen - mellotron * Jon-Willy Rydningen - mellotron * Anders Sevaldson - flute

TRACK LISTING: 01 Behind Black Rider * 02 Darkness * 03 Blundered In Homes * 04 Ship On The Ocean * 05 Windows Of Time * 06 In Anadi's Bower * 07 Kill The Rats * 08 Legends Waiting (To Appear) * 09 Little Child * 10 My Mind Said Stop


A big band this one, eight players dip into 70's nostalgia. Slow plodding beats with layered guitar, backing vocals, Mellotron (big organ thing I think) and even the flute all turn up in this album.

Uriah Heep, Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath and even a bit of Santana have strong influences here, and a strong effort has gone into production. With eight members in the band (probably some overlap here), they produce a whole and full sound.

In places there is a hint at 'over-production', but all in all the old 70's sound is faithfully reproduced.

The Songs

If there is a criticism, it's just a bit too old fashioned. Don't get me wrong I love those old bands as mentioned above, but it sounds dated now production-wise, and a bit corny in places too.

But you overlook that with fond memories that make up for any shortcomings the music has. Considering this is new, but sounding old, you don't recognise or relate to the songs and it's got little new musically to offer.

In Summary

Having said that, this is still a good album, solid song writing from Thore Engen is faithful as well as complete. The album grows on you.

The slower mellow tracks sweep you away with stories of harder and simpler lives that we would see as a little dark and obscure in today's fast consumer lifestyles. Acoustics strumming with a 'folk' feel punctuated with electric guitar and organ overtures tell wild and wonderful tales of myth and the Scandinavian cold (I think.) (Marcus, you sure it wasn't cold beer? Ed).

An album maybe more for the nostalgia fan or someone just getting into the 70's sound for the first time, and especially if you like Jethro Tull with the flute and all that.

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