Millenium - 2000 Hourglass

ARTIST: Millenium
ALBUM: Hourglass
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2000

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: image image
LINEUP: Jorn Lande - vocals * Ralph Santolla - guitars, keyboards * Shane French - guitars * Manfred Binder - bass * Oliver Hanson - drums, percussion

TRACK LISTING: 01 Power To Love * 02 Wheels Are Turning * 03 Hourglass * 04 No More Miracles * 05 Superstar * 06 Rocket Ride * 07 I Will Follow * 08 I Still Believe * 09 Masquerade * 10 Chasing Time


From the opening strains of 'Hourglass' I knew I was going to like this. With a strong hint of early Impellitteri, Whitesnake and Brazen Abbot, Millenium immediately take the bull by the horns and don't let go.

The Songs

Opener 'Price of Love' is a ferocious, melodic track showcasing Jorn Lande's superior vocal abilities (Coverdale and Bonnet come to mind).

The short keyboard solo is a nice touch. Next up to bat is 'Wheels are Turning', another cracking Euro-style rocker. Title track 'Hourglass' has a slower, crunchier riff mixing an '87' Whitesnake sound with Blue Murder.

'No More Miracles' introduces a lighter, quieter side of Millenium. A typical but above average ballad/rocker. 'Superstar' is an accurate name for this fabulous song. The chorus has to be heard to be believed, deeply layered and absolutely massive. It gets my vote for song of the year.

'Rocket Ride' is a great singalong song that I would describe as heavy power pop akin to The Marvelous 3, but with a finale very much in the Brazen Abbot vein. (Sounds strange but it works). Off to Glenn Hughes territory we head with 'I Will Follow', a soft and bluesy track.

Another huge chorus punctuates the moody rocker 'I Still Believe'. On 'Masquerade' Millenium go for a progressive hard rock sound, chunky riffing and slightly odd time signatures. Once you get into it it's a pretty good effort. 'Chasing Time', another moody rocker, closes out proceedings.

In Summary

Millenium has conjured up a great album full of memorable songs, high quality musicianship and a top-notch sound. Also, Jorn Lande gives David Readman a run for his money as vocalist of the year.

If you enjoy well-crafted European hardrock in the vein of the bands previously mentioned then you'll have a great time with Millenium.

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