Dark Moor - 2003 Between Light And Darkness [ep]

ARTIST: Dark Moor
ALBUM: Between Light And Darkness [ep]
LABEL: Arise Records
YEAR: 2003

LINEUP: Elisa - vocals * Enrik Garcia - guitars, backing vocals * Albert Maroto - guitars, backing vocals * Anan Kaddouri - bass * Jorge Saez - drums

TRACK LISTING: Memories * 02 From Dawn To Dusk * 03 A Lament Of Misery * 04 Echoes Of The Seas * 05 Mystery Of Goddess * 06 The Shadow Of The Nile * 07 Dies Irae (Orchestral Version) * 08 The Fall of Melnibone


As you read this, Dark Moor has undergone some major changes. Since the recording of 'Between Light and Darkness' three of Dark Moor's members - Elisa, Albert and Jorge - have left due to musical differences.

So, this special edition album/extended EP is the last you'll hear from this version of Dark Moor. Enrik and Anan have decided to carry on with Dark Moor, looking for a new singer, guitarist and drummer.

The Songs

So, what's so special about 'Between Light and Darkness'? Well, the first four tracks are made up of new exclusive acoustic tracks recorded in collaboration with a string quartet.

The remaining tracks are bonus tracks for the Japanese/Korean market from 'The Hall Of The Olden Dreams' and 'The Gates Of Oblivion' albums, and an unreleased orchestral version of the track 'Dies Irae'. You don't quite get what you might expect on the new tracks if you think of the term acoustic.

They have a distinct folk/minstrel sound. Musically the songs are very well performed, but Elisa's highly accented vocals don't add too much. One of the tracks, 'Echoes of the Seas', is completely instrumental.

The bonus tracks are quite good, with 'Mystery of Goddess' having a Nightwish/Within Temptation feel. 'The Shadow of the Nile' is also fairly dark and ambient with crunchy guitars, and a very cool guitar/keyboard duel.

'The Fall of Melnibone' is the speediest track on offer. A melodic speed metal track with great guitar solo's. The orchestral version of 'Dies Irae' has been badly produced and sounds very average alongside the other tracks.

In Summary

A nice idea for current Dark Moor fans, but not a lot to entice new fans. Probably best to either get their back catalogue or wait until the new album is released.

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