Various Artists - 2003 Van Halen Tribute: Best Of Both Worlds

ARTIST: Various Artists
ALBUM: Van Halen Tribute: Best Of Both Worlds
SERIAL: 0681-79 CD
YEAR: 2003

LINEUP: See track listing.

TRACK LISTING: Panama (feat. Jimmy Crespo, Richard Kendrick) * 02 Shy Boy (feat. George Lynch, Tony Harnell, Jason McMaster) * 03 Yankee Rose (feat. Enuff Znuff) * 04 Aint Talking Bout Love (feat. Jet Black Joy) * 05 Tobacco Road (feat. Corey Craven) * 06 Take Your Whiskey Home (feat. American Dog) * 07 Mas Tequila (feat. Full Tilt) * 08 Why Can't This Be Love (feat. Gravity Pharm) * 09 I Can't Drive 55 (feat. Shane 'The Impaler' Volk) * 10 When Its Love (feat. Richard Kendrick) * 11 Right Now (feat. 5150) * 12 There's Only One Way to Rock (feat. Steve Whiteman)


If I have my facts straight I'm sure that this is MTM's first venture into Tribute territory. Why on earth did they bother? So many others are doing it. It's been done to death and a reputable label like MTM should steer clear of these types of albums. Give it a rest, please.

The Songs

Having vented my spleen I might as well give this album a fair listen. This isn't entirely a Van Halen tribute album. It also contains solo songs by 2 of VH's former vocalists - Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth.

One of the glaring problems with this album is the production. Only a few of the songs meet the grade. Most sound very weak and demo-like. On a couple, such as 'Why Can't This Be Love' and 'Right Now' the production is simply awful.

Having said that, there are couple of very good performances, with most artists staying true to the originals. Jimmy Crespo and Richard Kendrik's 'Panama' has the energy that the song needs and deserves. Enuff Znuff do a fine rendition of 'Yankee Rose'.

A band I would like to hear more of is Full Tilt. Their version of 'Mas Tequila' rocks hard. As does 'I Can't Drive 55', which is sung by their lead vocalist Shane Volk. A fine voice.

Elsewhere, it sounds like Lynch, Harnell and McMaster used a drum machine on 'Shyboy'. For such seasoned veterans this was not a good attempt. McMaster's gruff vocals not suiting the song either.

In Summary

Once again I have to question the validity of this release. As mentioned the production on many songs is very poor. It really isn't good enough to expect people to fork out money for sub standard product and this definitely fits into that category. Come on MTM, why waste money on this when you could use it to promote great releases such as Shiva.

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