Day, Jo - 2003 No Warning

ALBUM: No Warning
LABEL: Legend Music/Universal
YEAR: 2003

LINEUP: Jo Day - lead vocals * Darren Drawbridge - guitars * Martin Labasgagne - bass * Herman Krueger - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Above My Room * 02 Runnin' * 03 Prey * 04 Reel God * 05 Porn * 06 Moment * 07 Closer * 08 No Warning * 09 Back Of My Car * 10 Excuses * 11 Too Far * 12 Never Die


South African female rocker Jo Day has come a long way since her early 90's debut 'One Woman', reinventing herself and building a hotshot band around her. In fact, she now insists that Jo Day is a band, not a solo star with backing.

Last year we were exposed to the 'Icon' album, a snarling piece of work and a totally new/modern rock approach, but maybe a little un-melodic in places. Now the follow up is here, they're intent on building on last year's success.

The Songs

'Above My Room' opens the disc in fierce style, crunching guitars assaulting the senses and acid vocals from Jo that make Joan Jett sound like a feeble little girl - but the winning touch is in the melody, as sure a hit as I've ever heard. 'Runnin' reveals their softer side with melancholy grace, building in intensity while the fuzzy guitars add extra power to the chorus.

'Prey' borders on funky at times, while never losing it's modern rock edge or it's melodic traits. 'Reel God' and 'Porn' are both dynamic and heavy, the former has the stronger melody but 'Porn' makes up for that with sheer power and momentum.

'Moment' is one of those tracks clearly designed to be a single, a very commercial hook under intense vocals, culminating in a chorus Jo Day fans will be singing for years to come.

'Closer' brings on the dramatic long intro vibes, and builds into a rocker of class and power, clearly also a radio possibility. Next is the title track 'No Warning', monstrously heavy and angry, it deals with the senseless murder of a well loved musician far from home, a fitting tribute.

'Back Of Your Car' begins with some savage riffing, developing into yet another heavy melodic anthem, this time exploring the theme of lust with conviction. 'Excuses' is a pleasant surprise, yet another rocker with superb melodies, reinforcing that they meant to fix what was lacking on the 'Icon' cd, which was consistently melodic songs.

'Too Far' is an angrier rocker, something like venting over growling guitars, but the cascading chorus ensures that enough charm remains. The closer is 'Never Die', a track apparently written in tribute to Seether front man and close friend Shaun, strangely sentimental on this fierce disc, but a pleasant enough ballad to be fair.

The Songs

And there it is, a disc that surpasses the one before in every aspect - more quality tracks, a full band recording and even superior graphics (killer cover) If a certain national radio station in South Africa would start playing more of what people really want to hear and less hip-hop garbage, this album is certain to spawn many hit singles and become a classic along the way.

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