40ft Ringo - 2003 Funny Thing

ARTIST: 40ft Ringo
ALBUM: Funny Thing
LABEL: Atenzia Records
YEAR: 2003

LINEUP: Steve Brown - vocals, guitars * Maz - lead guitars * P.J Farley - bass * Brian Gabriel - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Anyway * 02 Wired * 03 Inside Your Head * 04 Big Fat Smile * 05 Origami Mommy * 06 Book Of Virtues * 07 Be My Fix * 08 A Freak Like You * 09 Unbroken * 10 I Miss You Blue * 11 Fanatic * 12 Anti-Zero * 13 Tough


Back in 2001, soon after hearing the self-released demo 40ft Ringo had released, I predicted that it wouldn't be long before this New Jersey based four-piece would be thrust upon a wider audience.

And so it has proved, the innovative and progressive-thinking label Atenzia Records inked the band to a worldwide deal, with Japanese rights being snapped up by Universal Records.

Needless to say, the long-awaited debut album, 'Funny Thing' is as explosive and infectiously melodic as any album you will hear all year, retaining all of the addictive power of the demos that have circulated quite widely since word spread about the band. It will undoubtedly be one of the best albums of 2003.

40ft Ringo include former Trixter stars Steve Brown and PJ Farley in their ranks and have their own definitive sound, imagine the modern flavour of bands like Marvelous 3 and SR-71 combined with the commercial songwriting talent of a Max Martin or a R.J. 'Mutt' Lange and you get the picture.

There will be those who say that what is included on the final album doesn't differ all that much from what many people have already heard on the demos. That may be true to an extent, but the demo tracks have been tweaked and cleaned up considerably and the truth is, with the 13 songs on 'Funny Thing' all being of a consistently high standard, then the wider audience Atenzia hopes to reach with this album deserves to hear them.

The Songs

'Anyway' kicks off the album in sensational style, nailing the trademark 40ft Ringo sound within the opening 10 seconds, powerful, in your face stadium nu-breed rock with a melody line even bigger than the band's name.

The impressive 'Wired' follows and demonstrates that it is possible to have pop-song melodies wrapped around an absolutely huge riff. The energy level continues with the brilliant duo of 'Inside Your Head' and 'Big Fat Smile' until the power-ballad with a modern twist, 'Origami Mommy', slows down the pace a little.

One of the songs unrecognisable from the demos, is 'Book of Virtues', a fabulous, slamming rocker and one of this album's many highlights. I could write more and more about songs like the quirky stalker tale of 'Fanatic', or the superb 'Anti Zero', but I'd run out of superlatives. Yes, it's THAT good.

In Summary

If you haven't already quit reading this to order a copy of 'Funny Thing', then nothing will convince you of the sheer quality of 40ft Ringo. The album will be released March 10th worldwide, so now the secret is out, make sure you know all about it.

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