Deasy, Bill - 2003 Good Day No Rain

ARTIST: Deasy, Bill
ALBUM: Good Day No Rain
LABEL: Bound To Be Records
YEAR: 2003

LINEUP: Bill Deasy - vocals, guitars

TRACK LISTING: 01 I Want To Know * 02 Blue Sky Grey * 03 In My Head * 04 Prisoner * 05 I'll Rescue You * 06 Somewhere In Me * 07 I'll Be Here * 08 Who We Are * 09 It's All Right There * 10 The Gift of Seeing Through


Thanks to the ageist attitude of record companies and label execs who generally welcome 36-year-old singer-songwriters with the same level of enthusiasm as a bout of SARS, artists such as Bill Deasy have almost been threatened with extinction. Yet Deasy's is a voice that deserves and even demands to be heard, and with an album as exquisite as 'Good Day, No Rain', ignorance of it is definitely not bliss.

The former Gathering Field frontman knows all about the fickle nature of the music business so has decided to exercise full control of his labours by releasing this, his second solo album, on his own Bound To Be Records.

The Songs

And from the first bars of the sprightly and clever 'I Want To Know', it's clear just how much this Pittsburgh native revels in his independence. The melodies draw you in immediately, the production is sparse yet rich and Deasy's vocals are as impassioned as ever.

His voice has shades of Springsteen on the delicately beautiful 'In My Head' and there's a hint of U2 in the soaring 'I'll Rescue You', which develops from barely a whisper into a song of epic proportions.

Yet Deasy's sound is one all of his own and has such depth and power that the magnitude of songs like the majestic 'Who We Are', the intense 'Prisoner' and the quite breathtaking 'The Gift of Seeing Through' can't be fully appreciated by a mere cursory listen.

Deasy's lyrics are just as stirring as his music and 'Blue Sky Grey' showcases this talent brilliantly, capping a song that could yet cause the label execs to regret passing up this album.

In Summary

In short, 'Good Day No Rain' is a thoroughly engaging and accessible album of folk-tinged pop-rock, which proves that being an independent artist is certainly no barrier to making music of the highest quality.

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