Eve 6 - 2003 It's All In Your Head

ALBUM: It's All In Your Head
LABEL: RCA Records
SERIAL: 82876 52346-2
YEAR: 2003

LINEUP: Max Collins - vocals, bass * Tony Fagenson - drums, keyboards, vocals * Jon Siebels - guitars, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Without You Here * 02 Think Twice * 03 At Least We're Dreaming * 04 Still Here Waiting * 05 Good Lives * 06 Hey Montana * 07 Bring The Night On * 08 Friend Of Mine * 09 Girlfriend * 10 Not Gonna Be Alone Tonight * 11 Hokis * 12 Arch Drive Goodbye


I'd rather cut off my ears than listen to pop-punk bands such as Blink 182 and New Found Glory, but against all the odds I really took to fellow Eve 6's hook-laden album 'Horrorscope' with its consistently smart lyrics and irresistible melodies. Unfortunately, its follow-up, 'It's All In Your Head', doesn't have quite the same impact.

The Songs

In fairness, five or six of the album's 12 songs attempt to recapture the spirit and quality of 'Horrorscopes' best material, like, but otherwise, it appears singer Max Collins has spent too long running naked around hotel lobbies and not enough time writing good songs.

The abominable acoustic bore of 'Hey Montana' is particularly bad and the chugging 'Not Gonna Be Alone Tonight' is at odds with the energy Eve 6 usually display. The raucous abandon of 'Still Here Waiting' and opening track 'Without You Here' are more like it, proving Eve 6 sound better when they stick to their strengths.

Those strengths are clearly demonstrated on first single 'Think Twice' and the anthemic 'At Least We're Dreaming', while 'Girlfriend' tries gamely to recreate the sound of Eve 6's break-out single from 'Horrorscope', 'Here's To The Night'.

'Arch Drive Goodbye' offers something different, and Collins tackles the jolly subjects of rape and suicide on 'Friend of Mine', surely a first in a genre of songs about high school and break-ups.

In Summary

On 'It's All In Your Head' Eve 6 have tried to progress musically while retaining elements of their trademark sound only to find they have nowhere else to go.

Although there are some very good tunes, it's a disappointment for sure, but Eve 6 still remain musically superior to than Blink 182 even though they probably won't sell as many records.

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