Kick The Kangaroo - 2003 Bits And Pieces

ARTIST: Kick The Kangaroo
ALBUM: Bits & Pieces
LABEL: Atenzia
YEAR: 2003

LINEUP: Michael Lund - vocals * Soren Andersen - guitars, vocals * Lars Andresen - keyboards, vocals * Jesper Haugaard - bass, vocals * Flemming Koch - drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: Something Else * 02 Last Kiss * 03 Human Inspiration * 04 I Would Do Anything * 05 The Girl (I Really Loved) * 06 Demons And Ghosts * 07 Smile * 08 Throw Me Out * 09 Perfect Day * 10 Think About The Rain * 11 Beautiful Someone * 12 Straight To The Sun


Another addition to Atenzia Records' growing roster of quality modern rock and nu-breed acts are Kick The Kangaroo. The Danish five-piece have already achieved success in their homeland and are making waves in Australia, where their brand of catchy, modern-flavoured pop-rock should go down a storm.

Actually, Kick The Kangaroo share a similar style to that displayed on 'Garage Mahal' by Aussie favourites Taxiride and to a certain extent, Invertigo, with 'Bits and Pieces' featuring an array of polished, yet highly addictive pop-rock tunes.

The Songs

The album is a newer version of the self-released 'Bits and Pieces' with the addition of three tracks from an earlier album, 'Sounds Like A Bad Joke', and upon first listen, it's the superb 'Last Kiss' which initially grabs the attention.

This uptempo track has already been a hit in Denmark, and contains an irresistible hook and giant melody, wrapped around layers of guitar, and sounds like a rock version of something Max Martin would write, just how do these Scandinavians do it?.

The gorgeous, mid-paced 'Human Inspiration' follows and with rocking opening track 'Something Else' being another quality tune, high standards have been set by the opening trio.

'The Girl I Really Loved' and 'I Would Do Anything' are great tunes too, but where Kick The Kangaroo really shine, is on summer anthems 'Smile' and album stand-out 'Perfect Day', both of which are packed with energy, melody and verve.

Vocalist Michael Lund has a perfect commercial-sounding voice that comes into its own on the superb 'Beautiful Someone', and the rest of the band are tight and sound superb among Nick Triani's excellent production.

In Summary

According to the Kick The Kangaroo official site, the guys will shortly jet over to the States to write with a couple of unnamed top US songwriters for tunes for the next album, but they will have to come up with some storming songs to improve on what is a solid, hugely enjoyable album.

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